Last week we announced the results of the ‘Your Club. Your Say.’ survey and it’s fair to say that it has attracted a lot of attention not just within our fanbase but from a wider audience. In the last week, we have been contacted by the Oldham Times, the Oldham Chronicle, BBC Radio Manchester & The Telegraph so it’s clear to see people are taking an interest in what is happening at Boundary Park and we feel this is vital in our efforts to influence change within the club.

On the back of these results we feel it is vital that we don’t lose any momentum. It is fantastic to see us get our first league win of the season and we hope on the pitch we can build on this over the coming weeks. However, our focus has always been based around stability off the pitch and a clear distinction has to be drawn between this and results on it. The survey results were concerning and there is no question about that. Fans are desperate to invest financially and emotionally in the club again and this is clear to see, but for this to happen there has to be fundamental changes.

The recent ‘clubs in crisis’ webinar led by the FSA highlighted that across any fanbase, there are many different skill sets and areas of expertise from people that are willing to get involved. We think it would be foolish not to tap into this. In the last 12 months you’ve come up with some amazing suggestions that we have been happy to take on board. We are, after all, here to amplify your voice rather than to speak on your behalf.

For anyone who is interested in being a part of group discussions alongside PTB, please drop us a Message on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram alternatively email us with the following details:

1. Name
2. Age
3. A short explanation as to why you’d want to be involved

Just for clarity, the information above will only be used to ensure that we have a range of age/views across the group(s). Please don’t be put off from getting in touch because of geography or availability. This will purely be carried out via zoom given the current circumstances so as long as you feel you have the desire and some ideas to discuss, please get in touch. This is not an ongoing commitment and you will not he asked to attend regular meetings, this will be designed purely to work around your availability.

We will firstly ascertain how much interest there is and then we will quickly organise meetings to take things further. As this is going out to over 1,000 people, there is potential for a lot of interest and we do want to get as many views as possible in the shortest timeframe.

As fans, we are in this together and there is no better or more appropriate time to have your voice heard.

Reclaim The Faith