“Surely they won’t go down…”

If you utter those words to Leyton Orient, Chesterfield, Notts County & Stockport fans (amongst many, many others), they would probably roll their eyes and shake the heads. The reality of the matter, is that we can definitely go down. When we got relegated we immediately turned our focus to bouncing straight back, this has quickly been replaced by faint hopes of the playoffs and a reality that we are facing a battle for our survival. Again. In a year when we have all adjusted to a ‘new normal’ in our personal lives, we appear to have quickly adapted to ours in a footballing sense as well.

We are a club on the decline, there is no question about this. Even a handful of years ago, we would rub shoulders with Leeds, Sheffield United and Southampton. Now we face the harsh reality that teams come along with bigger budgets, more ambition, better foundations to build from and are overtaking us, calling us their rivals and are approaching matchdays as being favourites with the bookmakers. How is this acceptable in any way shape or form?

Over the last few weeks it’s clear that the mood amongst Latics fans is changing, fans are demanding action. There is talk of protests and a large number of you are feeding back that you are feeling more disillusioned than ever before with no signs of hope. We obviously cannot ignore this. Owners will come and they will go and what remains? The fans. Push The Boundary, amongst other things, want to ensure that there is a fanbase here to support this club, to continue its legacy for years to come.

We have nearly 1,000 members now and so we can represent you all in the best way and to be consistent with how you are all feeling, we want to ask you a few questions. After all, we are all in this together.

We have been fair and always wanted to give the chairman and the board every opportunity to engage with the fans and build bridges. Now, as supporters, we are at breaking point. Can we be convinced that they have the required attitude to turn this ship around and build an all inclusive club that’s fit to move forwards?

“Oh, it’s just another survey”

We always have and always will want the majority of supporters on board to ensure we represent the views of the fans. We can’t hold meetings at the moment so we want to address as many of you in the best way we can. This will help shape the action we take so please pass this survey to friends, family, anyone that cares about this club, this town and wants the best for it, whether they support what we do or not.

Collectively, we have raised a number of red flags in recent months, to name but a few:

– Poor recruitment and on the pitch performance
– Treatment of Staff/ Players / Ex players
– High turnover of managers/staff/players
– Employment tribunals
– Late payment of wages to staff/players
– Non-payment of rent/debenture resulting in a court appearance
– A drop in home fans by over 800 per game
– 50% drop in season tickets
– Ongoing disputes with OEC
– Long-term sponsors turning their back on the club
– Having replacement managers lined up and ready to go, despite offering support to managers in charge

The league table, along with cold, hard facts, don’t lie. We are constantly told things are getting better, or they will get better in due course. We are seeing NO signs of this and this leads us to the conclusion that it will ultimately result in our untimely demise whether it be in form of our football league status and/or our status as a club. Those who think it cannot happen need only speak to Stockport, Bury, Wigan, Bolton & Macclesfield fans. All North West teams which makes it even more concerning. There is absolutely no reason why our club is any different in these circumstances. The same alarm bells are ringing and have been for some time. The days of standing back and letting this happen are over.

As stated above, your responses to this will help us decide our next course of action and preparations are already in place behind the scenes for this to happen. The survey will close on Sunday 11th October at 5pm and the link to complete is below


We, like you, just want to be there, week in week out supporting the team that we have followed all our lives. Providing money to help the club we love. We don’t want to care what happens off the pitch as it should be ran correctly and we want to spend matchdays with friends and family like we always used to do. The alternative to is completely unthinkable.

We have all shed tears of joy and sadness with the club we love, a love that doesn’t just disappear. From Gregan to Liddell, Eyresy to Sheridan, Ritchie to Palmer, Frizzell to Royle, these are OUR memories and we want to create many more. An affinity to a team of players giving everything for the badge we care so much about. We all live and breath every minute of this football club. City, Everton and Liverpool at home, Forest, West Ham and Fulham away in the cup. The support is there, the buzz can return, this is our Oldham Athletic. Our Boundary Park. Our Chaddy the Owl. Our Chaddy End. Ours, the fans. At the minute what is happening to our club hurts and that pain is only increasing.

The last few weeks have shown that supporters have a voice, and it’s so important that we use our voice and make ourselves heard.

We have notified the club, the Trust and the FSA of this course of action and the results will be fed back to all parties.

Reclaim The Faith,

Push The Boundary