A late opportunity has become available for PTB to meet with the Fan Led Group tomorrow. PTB have agreed to this due to wanting to meet with all relevant parties prior to the Protest on 07 December 2019 in order for PTB to focus their attentions on developing plans/ideas beyond that date.

As such, we believe this to be beneficial and was the only date in which the majority of both parties could attend. Therefore we require questions from supporters to try and get the answers you want from the FLG at this stage.

Any questions can be sent to us via DM on twitter / via the website or via Push The Boundary’s email (info@pushtheboundary.co.uk) Questions will need to be submitted by 1600hrs on 25th November. We appreciate that this is a short time frame but we are tied by work and family commitments also.

Another meeting is being arranged for PTB with Trust Oldham. We will be requesting further questions in respect of that meeting in due course but will update supporters accordingly and provide more notice for this meeting.

Following the conclusion of the meeting with the FLG, PTB will respond and provide supporters with a statement of what was discussed in the meeting.