Twitter World Cup

What does your favourite kit mean to you and how is it chosen. Is it nostalgia? Was it your first kit that you bought, or were bought? Could a new kit still sneak in there?

We don’t think a really comprehensive vote on kits has taken place so we thought it was time that changed! Kits are a massive cause for debate across our fanbase and the new kit is always greatly anticipated as it can symbolise a form of hope for a new season.

All the 32 kits chosen have navigated some tricky qualifying rounds against tough oppositions like 1983-85 away & 1916-1920 home but the cream of the crop are in there and hopefully you will see yours represented!

The format (below) will be a standard World Cup format, with groups of 4 teams and the top 2 proceeding to the round of 16, and so on and so forth until we reach the dazzling spectacle that is the World Cup final, where the fans favourite Oldham Athletic kit will be crowned.

Voting will be carried out solely on twitter via a poll that will run from 7am through to midnight so we can canvass as many votes as possible. The top 2 from 4 in the group stages will proceed and then it’s a straight head to head battle once the knockout stages are reached.

This week we will be releasing details of all 32 kits so you can check the form etc and after that, the competition is entirely in your hands. We have shortlisted the final 32 kits as a group (there were some interesting debates taking place) but we feel these kits represent the finest we have had in our 125 year history.

Group Stages

Monday – Group A & B
Tuesday – Group C & D
Wednesday – Group E & F
Thursday – Group G & H

Round of 16

Friday – Winner Group A v R/U Group B (1)
R/U Group A v Winner Group B (2)

Saturday – Winner Group C v R/U Group D (3)
R/U Group C v Winner Group D (4)

Sunday – Winner Group E v R/U Group F (5)
R/U Group E v Winner Group F (6)

Monday – Winner Group G v R/U Group H (7)
R/U Group G v Winner Group H (8)

Quarter Finals

Tuesday – Round of 16 (1) v Round of 16 (2)
Round of 16 (3) v Round of 16 (4)

Wednesday – Round of 16 (5) v Round of 16 (6)
Round of 16 (7) v Round of 16 (8)


Thursday – Winner of QF 1 v Winner of QF 2
Friday – Winner of QF 3 v Winner of QF 4


Saturday & Sunday – Semi Final 1 v Semi Final 2

The kits are picked. The training camps are chosen. Who knows, Shakira is probably doing us a song somewhere. The talking is over. It’s your votes that will decide the winner. Let’s go…

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