Over the past 48hrs the news has been announced that Trust Oldham has had a number of resignations, which has resulted in stand-in directors taking the Trust forward to an AGM.

Since we were advised of this news, we have contacted Trust Oldham and the FSA and offered our assistance and support to try and see them through the current time. We obviously sympathise with the parties that remain and acknowledge they are trying to steer the Trust through these rocky waters to a more positive outcome. 

Regardless of the views towards the effectiveness of the Trust in recent times, a fully operational Trust is vital. They have a 3% share in the football club and it’s incredibly important that this 3% is retained by “the supporters”. The fans worked hard to gain the 3% and not many supporters groups across the U.K. can say they own a share of their club. It is therefore hugely important, especially at the current time, that this remains in place in order for the club to have a level of accountability towards the fans. Having someone level headed and strong, from a new trust set up, going onto the club board is crucial if this is the way supporters vote.

One thing we can all agree on is that the Trust needs serious reform to be the voice it should be. We have offered to assist in helping reform the Trust or being there in an advisory capacity. Anything we can do to ensure the Trust is operating efficiently again has to be the main goal.

There has been talk of PTB taking on the 3% and we have, to date, refrained from commenting on this publicly. Regardless of the logistics (which we think would be longwinded), PTB do not believe there is a requirement for us to be taking on the 3% unless the only alternative was the 3% being lost by supporters and returned to the club. In the event of this, further discussions could take place and we have advised the FSA of the same. 

We have never had any desire to take the place of the trust and we feel our place is, and will always be, as an independent group that has the best interest of fans at it’s core and can push for answers to pressing matters. We can do this in a different way than the Trust ever could. Both parties can play an important role in moulding the clubs future but they HAVE to be working efficiently and effectively, both groups can carry out different roles to benefit each other and the club. 

If we took the place of, or had representation on the Trust board, our collective voice would be somewhat strangled and we cannot allow that to happen.
Looking at the Trust as an organisation, this feels like the most significant opportunity to shape its future and turn it into an organisation that can be everything to supporters that it needs to be in a time when supporters need that more than ever. The Trust was set up in order to safeguard the future of the club and avoid a repeat of 2004 and we must ensure that going forward it’s fulfils this purpose. Therefore, we would encourage all members of the Trust to complete the survey when they receive it as this is a chance, as with the survey PTB completed, to have your say on what happens next.

We don’t know what the outcome will be following the survey/AGM and we can therefore not make any firm decisions about what the future holds, but we will keep a watchful eye on proceedings and be on hand to provide any help we can. For us, as a group, we feel that this only serves to highlight that something isn’t right within our club, in that it has driven such a difference of opinion on our supporters Trust.

We will, as always, keep you up to date following any further developments. Any comments suggestions or ideas please let us know via the usual channels.

Reclaim The Faith