Over the past few weeks PTB has been running a survey which has been focused on Trust Oldham. This survey was part of a group of surveys completed on not only the Trust but also the Club and ourselves (both can be found on our website).

With the Trust currently having a 3% share hold in our club and more importantly the future of it, we believe is massively beneficial to help the Trust evolve, especially given their recent intention to revamp and reinvent themselves. We all want the Trust to succeed and believe PTB and the Trust need to be working at the best of their ability to ensure we hold the club to account in a professional and respectful manner. Part of this is to understand the perception amongst the fanbase. For those who completed the survey that are not currently members, they are still potential future members and therefore all views must be represented.

The link below is the results from the survey. The results will not surprise many but we believe they can be used to benefit the future of the Trust and how it is shaped going forward. The free-format comments will be passed to the Trust for them to review.


We want to thank the 411 supporters who filled this in. Your feedback can be and hopefully will be used to evolve the Trust in the future.

Reclaim The Faith