We are releasing a survey for all supporters to complete. This survey will be focused on the performance of Trust Oldham. Since our inception in October 2019 we have conducted surveys based around our own performance and the performance of the club, therefore we feel it is only appropriate that the same is conducted of the Trust. 

We are fully aware and appreciate that the Trust polarise opinions across the fan base so we think it is important that we gather as much data as possible in order to make fair assessments and reasoned judgements.

We have already notified the Trust of our intention to complete the survey and have provided details so they may send this out to their members and we will happily provide all feedback so they can act accordingly.

The Trust have openly admitted that changes are required within their organisation and want to get opinions from fans along with other groups, so we hope that by carrying out this survey we are assisting them in their quest for change. As supporters we have all at some point put money into the trust via shares when the trust started/ membership or fundraisers and it’s something which needs to find its way again. We are all in this for the same reasons, we all love our club. Hopefully the answers can help the trust model it’s future.

Push the Boundary want to see all facets of the club and the parties that support it, working to the best of their ability. We are very self-critical about how we operate as a group and we think it is important that all feedback is taken on board and used appropriately to change for the better.

We will advise well in advance when the survey is to close but we want to ensure that we get a fair and substantial dataset so that our results are as fair as they can be.

The club is going through an incredibly difficult period at the moment and it is therefore even more important that the groups and organisations that surround it are functioning to the best of their ability, working side by side, to ensure that all fans have a stable and successful club to watch when we come out of the other end of this crisis.

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Kind Regards

Ste, Will, Danny and Adam