Following on from our early post, we have now received a response from the Trust, and we have published the full unedited version below with their blessing.

We will digest all the information accordingly and report back once we have concluded our findings but in the interested of being timely and completely transparent, we wanted to get this out to the fans as quickly as possible.

Trust Email

Hi guys

In reply to your points.

We can give no further update on this at the moment, the information
that we have shared is one we are comfortable with sharing – it’s for
the club and players to resolve and at the moment as neither party has
put further information in the public domain, we have to respect that as
much as we know people would like to know more.

We continue to liaise with the club on these matters but there is no
further information to share at this point.

It is for the club to disclose the number of season tickets purchased.
Fans must make a judgement themselves on if they are comfortable
purchasing a season ticket at this time, and Darren has seen
communication from fans who want to renew to support the club – there is
a comment on our website that states exactly that from the recent
article [1] or not.

This comment from another fan sums it up too:
_”We renewed because we are aware of the terrible cash flow plight of
the Club and we want to help – if we don’t want another Bury we need to
help the Club to survive not make the cash crisis even worse”_

Our article is clear on the MOU and the effect that has on the NDAs that
were signed by the Trust Board.

The club has no legal requirement to undertake an Audit and could cost
tens of thousands of points If they did – given the level of funding the
club gets from its owner, I thing it would be unreasonable to expect
them to do that.

The situation is different with other clubs such as Grimsby who are a
PLC and their owner John Fenty was kind enough to give us some insights
on how clubs differ on an accounts perspective and the way they work
with their Trust.

Just to re-iterate on this as it’s non-negotiable to the Trust. The
Club should publish accounts which fully comply with all the
requirements of the Small Companies disclosure regime as laid out in FRS
102 Schedule 1A.

Again, we’ve been clear on the status of these – they will be
published in due course. In the past these have been too slow to be
published, however this is something that can now improve in the future.
An effort to be less bureaucratic and more responsive will certainly
help with that.

Finally – could we politely request the deadlines are removed from
future correspondence – we don’t believe since our meeting that at any
point the Trust have kept you waiting for information and they are not

We do want to work on a basis of respect and understanding with you –
some of the board have questioned if this is recipricated given members
of PTB are liking comments derogatory comments towards our organisation.
This is not something we would reciprocate and sends a confusing

Many thanks

Kenny on behalf of Trust Oldham