Following on from our statement last night and reflecting on yesterday’s events it is clear to us, as fans that we deserve so much more than what we have currently been presented with.

The club have provided lip service throughout with promises broken on many occasions, treated the fans with disdain and has since inflamed an already existing rift with the landlord at Boundary Park. This has since led to fans having been re-located from their season ticket seat in the Joe Royle Stand to elsewhere in the ground. Based on the above, it feels as though the events of yesterday were less of a shock and more of an inevitability.

On top of this, we are extremely disappointed in the lack of direction and leadership shown from Trust Oldham. Following ongoing conversations with the Football Supporters Association (FSA) we had decided to work on a parallel to ensure that neither methods of approach affected the other and would provide some unity amongst the fanbase who’s patience was being severely tested. Getting to the stage we have yesterday has left us with no other option than to express our disappointment and discontent to what Trust Oldham stands for.

We acknowledge and respect Trust Oldham hold a 3% shareholding in Oldham Athletic 2004 Limited, however, at this moment in time, that could prove worthless should the company enter Administration on Friday 6 March 2020.

Trust Oldham state on their website 3 main objectives:

1. To ensure our Football Club has a long and exciting future
2. To be a key partner for the club
3. To strengthen the bond between the club and community it serves

Reviewing these objectives as a whole, it is clear to see that objectives numbers 2 and 3 are only recognised to their full potential if number 1 is applied effectively and efficiently. Unfortunately, PTB feels that Trust Oldham has failed to ensure ‘our football club has a long and exciting future’ and this has been reflected in yesterday’s events and the potential of Administration looming over our great club. Our proud and illustrious club and most importantly our supporters deserve more!

It is worth pointing out that we know there are constraints that Trust Oldham operate under and that it can make decision making more long winded than we know most fans would like. That said, the operation of a Trust should be to act as a link between the football club and its fanbase, to communicate openly and honestly and most importantly to give fans a voice. We feel there is no more integral time to showcase this than right now, amongst winding up petitions, late payment of wages, huge reductions in attendances and a disillusioned, dwindling fanbase. Other than isolated statements, the silence has been deafening.

While the final straw was the events of yesterday, hearing about the resignation of Tracy and Mark from the Trust came as a shock and it was news that saddened us as they are both incredibly dedicated, good people and obviously massive Oldham Athletic fans. We feel the Trust is worse off without them and we thank them both for their years of service.

Push The Boundary has been in operation since 31 October 2019 but has been and is keen to continue to represent fans’ views. Since it’s inception, we have requested views via surveys and implemented the majority’s right of protest (which may not have been supported by others, which we accept).

PTB vows once more, as always, to stand up for what the supporters believe in and will continue to consistently update supporters with any developments over the crucial period of the next 7 days and beyond.

We are here to represent the voices of Oldham Athletic supporters and to ensure no matter what the outcome of Oldham Athletic’s scenario over the coming days, weeks and months, we serve the supporters in a way which is honest, transparent and most of all affective in ensuring Oldham Athletic Football Club has a prolonged and exciting outlook going forward.

This message is being sent to implore Trust Oldham to reconsider and re-align with views of the wider fan base. We are entering yet another pivotal time in our history and we need all parties to come together for the good of the club, be visible, effective and give fans a platform to speak and be heard. We want this to be taken in the spirit it is intended and not as a personal slight on anyone who sits on the Trust. As a group we have faced criticism and while it is difficult to hear, we have tried to analyse our own performance as a group and learn from all comments that are fed back to us as we constantly want to improve for the good of the people we are delighted to represent.

No matter what happens over the next week, we, as supporters can make a difference. Be loud, be proud and most importantly be together as this will undoubtedly be yet another stumbling block for our club but it is our job to ensure it is safe, secure and happy for future generations to come.

We stated in our Christmas video: ‘2020, the year we get our club back’. Although the nightmare of possible administration is far from ideal, if it does happen, as a fanbase we all need to pull together to ensure we do get the club back and turn what is currently a terrible situation, into something much more positive.

Reclaim The Faith