Since Push The Boundary were formed in October 2019, we have always prided ourselves on delivering important information to fans in a timely manner at a time when, as a fanbase, we felt like no one was willing to hear our concerns.

In recent months, since the appointment of Karl Evans, we have had regular meetings where we have asked questions given to us by fans, as well as queries that we have as a group. We have tried to report these answers back in as much detail as possible and push in the right areas to try and get answers. One of the main reasons for the meetings was to raise fans concerns and feelings about the club to the CEO in the hope that they can be relayed to the board and then acted upon. In some fashion, this has been successful and of great benefit.

What we have found in recent weeks, following these meetings, is that we have not seen or been able to give you signs of any significant progress on any of the key matters than fans are currently faced with. These issues being the ownership of the ground, the future of the owners, the number of supporters walking away from the club and vitally, the North Stand and whether this will be open to supporters for the 2021/22 season.

We have very recently made our feelings clear around the ownership of the club and that the lack of progress over the last 3 years shows absolutely no signs of changing for the better. We are of the opinion Abdallah and Mohammed need to sell the club to give us a much needed fresh start. We feel fans are of the same opinion, especially given the result of our survey that highlighted 88% of you didn’t feel that Abdallah was the man to take us forward. The decline cannot continue at the rate it is. When we are consistently given no assurances over its direction, it frustrates us as much as it does all fans and trust us when we say, we hear this frustration loud and clear!

We have therefore taken the decision to stop our monthly meetings with Karl Evans so that we can focus our energy on where we feel we can truly make a difference. Making fans voices heard. This doesn’t mean that we will cut correspondence completely with Karl, as the communication between fans and the club should be a vital component of any club. It only means that we will have meetings on a more ad-hoc basis, should important information come to light and we will be upping the anti against the ownership.

We will continue to engage with fans in the manner we always have, but with a renewed focus on what we need to do in order to reclaim the faith at this club. Our strength has always been in our independence and speaking on behalf of disgruntled fans. This is more true now than it ever has been. The current situation can’t be allowed to continue into another season and we must do everything as fans to come together and fight for our club. Fans need to speak out and air their dissatisfaction on all social media platforms until meaningful action can take place post Covid restrictions. There are many ways for our voice to be heard in the meantime – email your MP, write to the Oldham Times or Oldham Chronicle or ring BBC Radio Manchester during their pre or post match talk.

Even if it’s not communicated explicitly, the owner knows of our frustrations and the louder we bang this drum, the more chance we have of creating change at the club. His tenure has an expiration date and we have to make him see that this time is upon us right now. 3 years of abject failure and a decimated fanbase show that as fans, we’ve had enough. This is about getting our dissatisfaction across to the widest audience. You have done it before let’s do it again!

As we always say, PTB is what supporters want it to be. Therefore any ideas, thoughts, comments or concerns send them to us via email or social media platforms. We will be in contact with next steps.

Reclaim The Faith,