Takeover Announcement – 29/07/2022

We spoke about this day, this moment so many times as a group, more so when it felt so far away. It’s what kept us going, kept us motivated and kept us believing that yesterday’s announcement could actually happen.

With the love we have for this club, a love that has been passed down through generations, we knew that our persistence and perseverance would eventually pay off. It had to, because the alternative was unthinkable. When our presence was questioned, it only made us more resolute to see this through. We always said that we would be here after these owners had gone and we are delighted to be in a position say that day has now finally come. This club is in our blood and it ALWAYS meant more to us than it did to the people who have dragged us to this unthinkable place.

What today is, is a massive victory for loyal supporters of this club. We saw collectively what was happening to our brilliant club, and we fought so, so hard to wrestle the situation back in our favour. YOU have now changed the game and as a result, this club will never be allowed to endure hard times like what we have just witnessed again. Support can be given and a platform for change can be created in many different ways, it can be given on the terraces banging a drum, in a boardroom, by creating a banner, by attending a protest, signing a petition, delivering a leaflet or by fundraising to put money in the 1895 fund. So many people have seen what was happening, and did something…anything, to play their part!

Being in PTB has given us all memories that we’ll never forget, but it’s clear that the work isn’t done yet. In fact, it’s only just begun. We have always stated that we wanted to engage with fans for the good of both the fanbase AND the club, and our advice has been on the table, even if it’s not been utilised. We fully expect, especially based on early engagement with the new owner/board that can change now and we can’t wait to continue to engage with you all, alongside our friends at OASF, to firstly find a stable footing and then help it prosper.

We would like to place on record our massive gratitude to OASF, who we have been proud to stand alongside these last few months following the election of the new board. Their support, sheer grit & determination and their knowledge has definitely helped get us here. To the supporters of other clubs, Leyton Orient, Blackpool, Stockport, Hartlepool, Rochdale, Swindon (amongst others) that have already been on this journey, thank you for always telling us to keep going and offering your feedback on what we were doing, for engaging with your fans on our behalf, it was invaluable and it now feels fantastic to be part of a footballing community we can truly call friends. A final mention must go to our fantastic Athleticos. The way they were treated by the regime was abhorrent and it was amazing to hear the glowing reviews from the new owner around their impact on the decision to purchase the club. Their dedication to this club and creating a raucous atmosphere at home games is something that we think will be worth a good number of points at home next season. You are a fundamental part of this club.

Finally, to all the people involved in this deal, who have been as open as they could be under the circumstances, they have communicated and reassured us along the way that everything was still on track. We are not shareholders so to have any part in this makes us all hugely proud individually. It feels like the best possible outcome to finally have the club in the hands of people who truly love and understand it. These are local people who want to see a successful, stable club, alongside people like Darren Royle, whose family name is etched into the fabric of the club. We are sure they have seen the passion of supporters and the impact they can have. The board that has been assembled is hugely impressive and one that far exceeds our current standing. Frank is Oldham through and through and represents the town and the club perfectly. It feels like an ideal fit. We thank you for your determination to achieve the best possible deal and seeing this through to its conclusion.

We still see the potential in this club and it’s fantastic to see others involved in this process that share that vision. We can make this better than ever before and while we are sure there will be bumps in the road (this is Latics, after all!), we fully believe in an upward trajectory can be achieved both on and off the pitch. We have made it clear that our advice can be sought at any time the club choose to engage with us.

We remain committed to being totally independent and to holding people to account, but above everything we will be delighted to get back in Boundary Park with our family, friends and loved ones and have some normality.

Thank you to EVERYONE that has offered their help and advice (whether constructively offered or not!), or even just offered us words of support, you will never understand what those small words of support did, there are times when that really was needed. A unified fan base that will go down in the clubs history as the ones who stood up for what was right, when things got tough.

We are there, finally. How does it feel?

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