Firstly, thanks to everyone who completed the survey. To receive over 650 responses was overwhelming and gives us potentially the biggest census of Oldham Athletic fans in our history.

Having this information allows us to uncover what we do before games, whether we buy food in the stadium, where we sit and more importantly, what concerns we currently have, whether we would purchase a season ticket for next season and how engaged we feel with OUR club.

We plan to carry out this survey every year so we can make comparisons, see where we have improved and if there are any red flags we need to focus on as a fans group but also, more importantly, as a football club.

We have completed some dashboards that show a deeper look into some of the results and these will be released on twitter very shortly but, as well as this, in the interest of being completely open and honest about the results, you can access all results via the link below…

There is quite a lot to digest here and once we have all done so, we think it’s best to throw it out to you all, the fans, to see how we proceed next and where we take this. We want to represent you as best we can in how we take these concerns forward.

We intend to inform the authorities and local/national press of these results to generate further knowledge of our current plight in the hope that we can put pressure on the people within the club to take notice and listen to the voice of the fans, in order to make changes for the better. More people equals more momentum.

We find these results hugely concerning as it highlights the lack of engagement that fans have with the club currently (as detailed in our mission statement and letter to Abdallah) and this will most definitely impact on season ticket sales, and therefore income, for the 2020/21 season. This lack of income feeds through directly into playing and staff budgets. We will be sending these results to the club and demanding a full response by 5pm on Monday 25th November 2019, although we believe the very least the fans of this football club deserve is a response prior to this.

In the meantime, due to results from the survey highlighting a number of issues, including the North Stand, we will be inviting Trust Oldham and The Fan Led Group to a meeting to discuss these areas of concern whilst waiting for the FULL and PUBLIC response from the club before putting a further plan in place to address the main issues. We will keep you posted on this. Ideally we would have liked to have discussed these issues with Abdallah, but it has been made clear that, at the current time, he doesn’t wish to engage with us. Hopefully these results will make him re-think this stance as it would serve to benefit the football club in the long term.

With regards to the free format responses, we are still working through these and will pull everything together so that we can report back, but in the first instance we didn’t want this to delay the reporting of the full survey results. Have a read through, digest it all, we have also added some detailed analysis of the results below, please feedback your comments…


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