Please see the letter below which has been sent to Abdallah via email on 17/11/2019 to accompany the survey results. A copy of the detailed analysis PDF has also been sent.

Dear Abdallah,

Following the refusal to meet our newly formed supporters group, Push The Boundary, we feel it is necessary to contact you once more to raise the profile of issues we would ideally have liked to address with yourself in person in order to try and rebuild the relationship between the club and it’s fans, as we appreciate the fans forum wasn’t as productive as it could have been. Your actions have left us with no option other than to contact you once more in order for supporters to be given a full response to the main areas of concern surrounding Oldham Athletic Football Club at this current time.

As well as issuing the open letter to you on 6 November 2019, we also created a survey (that could be completed anonymously) to collate as much data as we could from as many supporters as possible, in order to provide everyone with a clear view of what fans think of the current plight of the Club and the major issues it faces. This would also present the club with an opportunity to improve, something we thought would be well received.

Following the closure of the survey, we have spent a number of hours analysing the results and it has become quite clear as to where supporters feel the main issues are. As you will see, some supporters do not attend home games at present, some are boycotting and some have lost interest. All of these people, are every bit as important as the current supporters who attend all matches and we believe that this is a key area of concern that should be shared with supporters and the Club.

You will see attached the results which conclude that the 3 key areas of concern which scored highest and voted for by fans, at this time are as follows:

·         Sporting Director – 67%

·         The Board – 66%

·         The Chairman – 65%

There are other issues mentioned and we will be addressing these separately in order for Push The Boundary to represent ALL areas of concern for supporters.

As we were not able to address these issues, of which you are a clear participant, we now feel that the supporters deserve a full and public response to the results provided to you in the attached document. You can view the full results using the link provided below:

You have stated on a number of occasions, in various different press conferences and throughout Club Statements issued that the supporters are the biggest part of any football club. You mentioned in your statement on 12 February 2019 (link below) “you are the heartbeat of the club and without you the club is nothing” when talking about the supporters.

As such, we appreciate it will take you a bit of time to digest the results provided and we respect that you will want to do your full analysis and assessment of the results yourself. Taking this into account, the least we would expect, is a full and public response to the clubs supporters, the community of Oldham (your customers & paying public) by 5pm on Monday 25 November 2019. These people are the “heartbeat of the Club” and should be treated with the respect and honesty they deserve.

We wish to reiterate your point “without fans the club is nothing”. This is 100% truthful and as such, supporters not only want, but fully deserve a prompt response from you in relation to these issues and your intentions going forward to address these. Your communication and cooperation with the fans of this football club is now as important as ever.

Push The Boundary look forward to seeing the full response published within this very reasonable timescale provided. We would also like to reiterate to you that despite not making yourself available to meet us to discuss these concerns, we shall proceed with our aims to represent the fans of this football club the best we can in the short, medium and long term.