As fans of Oldham Athletic we ask for very little, however one of the main things we ask for is to be shown an adequate amount of respect. Supporting a club is sometimes not always easy to do, but we do it because it’s a tradition passed down from our mums, dads, grandads and grandmas and gives us a sense of togetherness that we are with likeminded people who share the same love. For most of us, we have an attachment or a memory which started this love affair, unfortunately for many, they are beginning to turn their backs on the club they fell in love with, and this is absolutely heartbreaking to see, hear and read about.

Once again the owner of our club Mr Abdallah Lemsagam has chosen to ignore the loyal supporters of our club. A large number of supporters have spoken, supporters who may have had season tickets, followed the club up and down the country, even taken days off work to see us play on a Tuesday night in some far end of the country. Supporters who have bought merchandise, been to events with the manager, bought a brick or subscribed to iFollow from further afield. 2976 supporters signed a petition requesting he sell his stake in the club and find a new owner, of which we know there is plenty of interest, to finally give the fans the fresh start that is needed, yet still not even the decency to provide a response to the petition or show fans any plans around how he believes this can be turned around. In 18 months, the disgruntled voices have gone from 300 to nearly 3,000 and this will only continue to grow.

The question continually being raised by supporters now is ‘how can I continue to financially support this regime’. We will be releasing one of a number of ideas for the new season tomorrow, we want you to be heavily involved. 

After hearing and speaking to other clubs, you CAN be heard and you CAN make a difference. Our future is not set in stone and there is no better time to dig our heels in and take back what is ours. We stand by the fact that this club is filled with potential, we just need the right people to unlock it. Let’s not be defined by the ownership that is looking to drag us into the mire.

We are calling on Oldham MP’s Jim McMahon and Debbie Abraham to stand with us to safeguard the clubs future. It is time for the MP’s to represent the sporting history of this town. The football club is synonymous with the town and it’s time that it’s future was given the hearing it deserves. We shall be requesting a meeting with them in the coming weeks.

Now is the time for supporters to take a stand and say no, without supporters backing the owner, the financial pressure has to grow. Let us be clear this does not prevent supporters ‘supporting the team’ just not supporting the regime. Stand up and be counted and be part of the revolution. The regional media have failed to highlight our concerns despite the likes of Macclesfield, Bury, Bolton and Wigan in recent years. That means as supporters we have to be the ones doing the hard work and taking this message to them.

Reclaim The Faith

Push The Boundary