Supporter Respect – 17/12/2021

In recent weeks we have witnessed a number of incidents that we see are causing an increasing divide in our fanbase.

For every argument, disagreement that as a fanbase we get involved with, it takes the focus away from what is truly important…the survival of the football club.

We will continue to try and represent our membership and the rest of the fanbase as best we can by taking action that will help ultimately allow us to reach our goal. We would like to reiterate that whatever action we take, or others wish to take, it is done of their own accord and freewill and that should never change. People should not be chastised for the decisions they make.

While we actively encourage healthy debate, it’s crucial that we ultimately respect each other’s views in the same manner. As a fanbase, we should not tolerate any form or discrimination or abuse of others and should look to challenge appropriately and stamp this behaviour out at the earliest opportunity.

We have seen with other clubs, that whenever there are ownership issues, never far behind is a divided fanbase. It is very rare that opinions and ideas are universally agreed upon, whether it be to attend games, or not attend games etc. Everyone has their reason for going and for not going and these reasons require no justification to anyone else.

We all support the same club and a unified fanbase is the only thing that will see us through what are unquestionably tough times. We all want the same thing, a healthy, sustainable football club and we all have views about how to get there.

We love the energy and passion people have for this club, but let’s ensure that this is channeled in the right manner.

Reclaim The Faith


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