Good Afternoon OAFC Supporters,

We have once more been left disappointed (yet not surprised) by the club’s lack of response to the survey results provided to them on Sunday 17 November 2019.

Following the refusal of Mr Abdallah Lemsagam attending a meeting with Push The Boundary along with Natalie Atkinson and Shahed Alam (as per the initial invite) we felt that the only way we could get the owner to engage with the fans was to ask for a FULL and PUBLIC response to be issued to the fans of the club, in a reasonable timescale. Once more, sadly, the club have not been forthcoming in satisfying that request and we feel this draws a very distinct line in the sand around the respect this shows the fanbase.

The survey results certainly painted a very precise picture of where the current concerns are. There were three main areas of concern:

· Sporting Director – 67%
· The Board – 66%
· The Chairman – 65%

There were alarming results elsewhere from this in respect of the level of engagement people currently feel towards the club. A staggering 75% of supporters voted less than 3/10 in respect of feeling engaged with the club, whilst as it stands, just 101 of 671 people who completed the survey would purchase a season ticket for 2020/21 season.

As well as this, over 200 people thought that communication was a key area of concern yet despite all of the statistics, supporters who are the heartbeat of the club, have not received any response whatsoever to address these issues. Push The Boundary feels that this is wholly unacceptable and feel that supporters deserve a great deal more respect that they are receiving at the current time. It sadly shows a complete and utter disregard for the fan base which leaves us feeling devastated.

Given the current plight of our beloved club, despite a current upturn in form, the club still remains in a very precarious position both on and off the field and we feel that engagement from the owner himself is required, more so now than ever before.

Following the unsurprising news of both the request of the meeting being denied and now the lack of response to the survey results, Push The Boundary have been planning for this scenario, as, with previous form, we felt that this was always likely to be the case.

Despite this setback, we carry on with the planning of the protest (news of which will follow shortly) amongst other plans that will very soon become clear, showing that Push The Boundary has the support of hundreds of fans and that protests are not the only way we can apply pressure to the regime. That being said, there is a perfect opportunity to show your support by being at the protest on 7 December 2019 prior to the Leyton Orient home game.

If the club or anybody else ever believed Push The Boundary would disappear and lose any kind of desire to continue on the back being denied a meeting with the owner, then they do not understand how passionate and driven this supporters group is about representing you, the fans, and how committed we are to facilitating change within this football club. A letter was signed by 596 of you to support our cause and 650+ people completed our survey and we will remain 100% committed in our efforts to “Reclaim The Faith” for the supporters of Oldham Athletic.

As stated previously, this will require patience, longevity and careful planning whilst acting and conducting ourselves in a professional manner. However, Push The Boundary is nothing without the support of you! We need you to support our cause, we have a massive opportunity and believe we have the momentum required to show fans, club representatives, local and national media that despite our falling attendances, we are a galvanised fan base who can come together for the sole purpose of getting our club back.

Our club and its supporters have suffered for far too long. We have been kept in the dark over many years under numerous regimes. It is now time for that to change! We truly feel we have an opportunity to build something for the benefit of our future as a football club in the community.

Make yourself heard, stand alongside us at the protest and show togetherness and support of our cause because Push The Boundary only exists and thrives if it has the backing of you, our loyal passionate fan base!

We will be back in touch as a group with more plans in the near future but if you have any further suggestions, you know they are more than welcome.

#ReclaimTheFaith #oafc