We wanted to drop you a note ahead of what will be a huge day for us as fans on Saturday.
In the last few weeks we have had our plight thrust onto the national stage.  We have been advised recently that Abdallah wants to work with fans and not against us, only to then be told 24 hours later that we are unable to purchase tickets for the upcoming home game against Hartlepool.  This doesn’t feel like we are working in collaboration, but this can’t be a surprise given our experiences of the last few years.
It feels that dissenting voices are trying to be silenced in an effort to retain control of a situation that is quickly spiralling out of control. This is not unfamiliar based upon other clubs that have faced similar issues with ownership.  What we have seen in the last week is a coming together of supporters for a common cause.  The gesture from Leyton Orient to allow fans to pay on the day won’t be forgotten, as well as a show of solidarity from the stands and for those that were there to witness it, I think you’ll agree that it even caught the most optimistic of us by surprise, with how warm the reception was.
This week we have been in dialogue with The Oldham Times, Granada Reports, the Price of Football podcast, The Times (amongst others), so it’s clear that the momentum we have shows no sign of letting up.  More importantly, we can’t afford to lose exposure this as it really is a critical time for the club.
The behaviour of supporters at Leyton Orient was EXEMPLORY.  The support was passionate, before, during and after the game and largely positive towards the players in spite of the result.  It’s fair to say that our message was delivered in the right way and we want to carry that into this weekend.  We don’t want any behaviour to detract from the message we are trying to send to the club, the footballing authorities and to the rest of the teams up and down the country.
We have been in contact with both Rochdale and Hartlepool United’s supporters Trust. We would again ask for a show of solidarity with both sets of fans in the 4th minute, whether that be with songs and chants and/or applause.  Both clubs have recently suffered so they know how this feels and results aside, there is much more at stake than just 3 points on the pitch.
For the protest and to reiterate, we will be meeting at 2pm outside the main entrance to make our voices heard in a passionate but lawful manner.  We would like to see as many fans as possible, whether you are attending the game or not, to come down and show the custodians of this club, how passionate we are and that won’t stop until we get our club back.  Bring your flags, your banners and your singing voices and be prepared to show your love and support for the club in the way you feel most appropriate.  We want the mood to be passionate and positive and to show how strong the bond is between supporters, whether you have supporters the club for 6 months or for 50 years.

The protest will finish at circa 2.45pm and if you wish to go into the ground afterwards and watch the game/continue to make your voice heard in the 4th minute, we are fully supportive of this. However if you are currently not attending Boundary Park, PTB as a group we will be heading down to Chadderton FC (a 15 minute walk away) to watch their game against Campion. They are ready to welcome any fans with open arms so we’d love if you could join us.

We can’t wait to see you down there, let’s #RECLAIMTHEFAITH together!