Salford Game

We are on the brink. 126 years of the football league comes down to Saturday.

The 2-0 defeat against Forest Green has left us all but relegated. When the club has been run the way it has over the last 4 years, there is a  feeling that this was sadly inevitable, but it hurts all the same. Really hurts. The feelings of anger and frustration really hit hard and it’s incredibly easy to make knee-jerk decisions based on that.

We do not feel that while we mathematically have a chance to stay up, that it’s appropriate to hold an ‘official’ protest. While we can stay up, our efforts must go into that fight, backing Shez and taking this to the last 2 games of the season.

Should the unthinkable happen, details of further action WILL be announced, but for now we feel it’s unfair to embroil Shez in these politics when he has a job to do. That said, we would never discourage people to voice their opinions however they see fit, as long as they stay within the law. There is no doubt that there are a large number of people with blood on their hands following the demise of this club, and they will be held to account.

Given the importance of Saturdays game, we have emailed the club and implored them to do the right thing and make the game free of charge, or if that isn’t possible, to at least to charge a minimal fee for a match ticket. We HAVE to fill Boundary Park, beat Salford and take the fight to Prenton Park against Tranmere.

There is a lot of work happening behind the scenes and tireless efforts from both PTB and OASF to bring new owners to the table and to find a solution to this mess that has been brought upon us. That will continue through this week and beyond, but we appreciate that fans will want to air their views/frustration about everything that has led us to this point. we feel exactly the same way, as with the willingness to listen to supporters over the last 4 years, this situation could easily have been avoided.

We’ll provide a full update on the situation as soon as we have one.

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