The news about potential interest from Darren Royle only reiterates our view that there are people out there that want to buy this football club. The Royle name is synonymous with the club and evokes memories of more successful times. We would have no doubts that he would have the best interests of the club at heart given his fathers legacy.

It is concerning and sadly of no surprise that the forthcoming litigation will add an extra layer of complexity to our situation and any potential sale of the club. We were made aware of ongoing investigations a few months ago via a former director and expressed our concern that in the short-term, we didn’t feel it was the best course of action.

In early 2020, the owners used the same North Stand issue as an reason for rent repayments not to be made on the ground and this ended up in a courtroom. Just over 2 years later, we find ourselves back in the situation where the resolution of the North Stand ownership issue is now a  reason there is a delay in any meaningful progression in selling our club.

We see no quick conclusion to this, which only leaves Abdallah free to continue with the inherently poor ownership and to cause yet more long term damage to a club who’s football league survival hangs in the balance. It’s imperative as a group and a fanbase that we reiterate the message to the chairman that his time is up and he needs to start listening to these credible and reasonable offers for the club.