Upon purchasing a season ticket(s) for the 2018/19 season, we were entitled to a free scarf courtesy of Mr Lemsagam, for his first full season in charge of the club as we embarked on our first league campaign in the bottom tier of English football for over 30 years.

At the time, this was viewed by most as a positive, generous gesture from our new owner and was warmly received by fans. However, since this gesture, the landscape for our club has changed somewhat dramatically and as fans, the majority of us now feel disassociated and disengaged with our football club. We have also seen a downturn in results on the football pitch and attendances have dropped in an alarming fashion, a combination of all these has resulted in the current feeling of unrest.

We feel that as a symbolic gesture to the club, to show the extent of our dissatisfaction, we would return the scarves that were bestowed to us 18 months ago with a clear message…return the scarf and we will set about reclaiming the faith that we once had in this great club.

We appreciate that not everyone will want to partake in this gesture, but for those that do, we feel as though this will be one way of showing the club that we cannot and will not be won over by gestures, and that actions, especially now, are much more important than words.

As mentioned in statements on our website and social media, we want as many people as possible to support this by attending the protest on Saturday 7th December prior to the Leyton Orient game. We will stand in unison with Leyton Orient fans, who have suffered similar disappointment and dissatisfaction in recent years due to mismanagement by the regime in charge, in the expectation that the club and the people in charge, will stand up, take note and do what is right for and in the name of this club and it’s loyal supporters.


Push The Boundary