Having read the club statement, we felt compelled to respond and challenge. We have been given false promises time and time again and are now being asked to put our faith in a board that have repeatedly let us down. Let us be completely honest, the season that is about to officially conclude was not just a ‘total failure’ as the club suggest but an unmitigated disaster where the relationship of trust between supporters and the club has not only disappeared, but has been knowingly vandalised by the current owner and board. Not even an apology offered.  It is tantamount to sabotage on his part. In addition to this, we have seen no intervention from previous or incumbent board members to address supporter concerns. The current situation was inevitable given the way the club was being run and it was only John Sheridan that briefly lifted the mood.

Fans, as usual, have played their part this season in giving Shez and the players everything that we promised them. We have filled grounds up and down the country and sang our hearts out. Throughout this, in return, we have asked the club for transparency and to update us on progress on the sale of the club. We don’t feel the club have held their end of the bargain and given us the best chance to stay up, something that Abdallah committed to when Shez came back.

That said, we don’t feel that the landscape would be right for Shez to continue unless specific changes were made, i.e. new ownership (and therefore the removal of Mohamed Lemsagam as the Sporting Director) and we feel it is in appropriate for the club to use Shez as an incentive for fans to essentially back the board. There should be absolutely no obligation on the part of John Sheridan at current time, and we don’t have any faith that he would be treated in the appropriate manner by those that remain, whether they are looking to sell or not. We would encourage fans not to be drawn in by the prospect of false promises. It is time for actions, not words from the club.

The events of the weekend showed us that the relationship between fans and the board is broken beyond repair and we are tired of the club continually looking to kick a problem down the road. We want to make it clear to the club that the re-introduction of any former board members/club advisors and/or U-turn in the sale of the club will only add further weight to the argument that they have no idea how to act in the best interest of the club, the supporters and the town. We would strongly advise against the above course of action.

We think it is unfair that supporters are blindly being asked to support the actions of the board and are very disappointed by the statement released. From our perspective, there will be no allowances or leniency for the board and we would urge all supporters to NOT purchase season tickets until the club can actually give us SUBSTANTIAL proof that they are doing what they said they would do…selling up and moving on. We are tired of being taken as fools and as a result, all the statement is to us is empty words written by a board that do not care about us. Time to go.

Reclaim The Faith