Push The Boundary

If we are not unified as a fan base then our dissenting voice is ineffective. If we express our dissatisfaction individually it will be largely without impact; some via social media, some in choosing not to attend games. Many suffer in silence without an outlet.

Together we need to develop a collective (and louder) voice to communicate our shared frustrations so the club is left in no doubt as to the strength of feeling.

We believe that Push the Boundary can be that voice. We are four passionate Latics fans who want to see change. We invite Latics fans across the world to join us.

Push the Boundary has been set up by:
Will Gough
Adam Keeley
Steve Shipman
Danny Taylor

Our ultimate objective is to see faith and pride in our club restored.
We are not in control of this but we believe we have a part to play. Mr Lemsagam needs to know that most fans do not share his belief in how a football club should be run. We need to be prepared to take action to communicate this and attempt to force change. We invite Mr Lemsagam to show us this club can change under his leadership and commit to tangible steps to achieve that or alternatively dispose of his interest Oldham Athletic.

We are focused on two complementary things:
1) Effectively conveying our views, challenging and questioning: we must be prepared to pursue many different forms of protest to make our presence felt. This means asking the awkward questions and exposing the truth but doing so through the power of a single voice which speaks for hundreds or maybe thousands of fans.

2) Bringing viable alternative ownership options to the table: engaging with potential owners and investors and with a view to putting a credible proposal to the current owner. This will require work in the background including engaging with organisations such as the Football Supporters Federation (FSA), the EFL and other clubs, including those that are substantially fan owned and where fans have led change.