Push The Boundary

Push the Boundary was launched in October 2019 by 4 lifelong Latics fans:

Will Gough
Adam Keeley
Steve Shipman
Danny Taylor

We strive to effectively convey the views of supporters and continuously challenge and ask questions. We must be prepared to pursue many different forms of communication and if needs be, pressure, to make our presence felt. This means asking any relevant, difficult questions to uncover the truth but doing so through the power of a single voice which speaks for hundreds or maybe thousands of fans.

Our objectives as a group are as follows:

– For the club to have constant, clear and open communication with fans from all levels of the board / owner.

– To encourage the club to engage with all fans groups/trusts on a regular basis and not to be selective

– For the hierarchy not to take the views and opinions of supporters for granted.

– For fully transparent club accounts to be checked via an independent accountant (with no links to the club).

– For staff and players to enjoy being at the club without the speculation of late wages, high turnover of staff, high number of tribunals and for the removal of the culture of fear speculated within the club.

– For companies to want to sponsor the club and to have limited (if any) gaps in sponsorship.

– Having a passionate team of players and staff who are proud to wear the shirt and for fans to have some affiliation to/with hem.

– For fans to regain the love they once had for the club and to want to attend football match and invest in the club

We will achieve these objectives by continuously being in dialogue with supporters to gauge what is needed and promptly acting on their behalf. We will liaise with the football club, local/national media and any other relevant parties to ensure that these messages are heard loud and clear. Challenging and continuously offering feedback (whether good or bad) is the only way that positive behaviours will be embedded by the club.