We hope you are well and have been encouraged by the green shoots of recovery in the last few weeks as we step closer to a semblance of normality in our day to day lives.

We wanted to give you an update on where we are as a group so that fans can be reassured that despite us not being all over your social media timelines and your email inboxes every day (some may be grateful for that!), there are still lots of things happening behind the scenes.

PTB Kits

We have loved bringing you the Oldham Athletic kit World Cup and the PTB badges. It was great to see all the engagement amongst fans and the generosity you showed. It was brief respite from what was a tough time for a lot of people and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

125th Year

We have seen the 125th anniversary celebrations and the new kit launch. We hope that both of these will be a catalyst for success on the pitch and stability off it. Massive congratulations go to Oldham Athletics media team and Mike Holden of @oafcmemories on twitter as they have both pulled together a string of great videos and posts to celebrate this momentous day.

However, we are first and foremost a group that wants to represent you and make sure that your voice is heard. Our concerns for the future of the club remain and we appreciate that there are a lot of unanswered questions at the current time.

Concerns Raised

We have been maintaining dialogue with the trust and the club with varying degrees of success but this is an area we will continue to pursue answers. The red flags and areas of concern we have raised with both parties (and the FSA) are as follows:

– Home attendances down by 840 from the 2018/19 season
– Away attendances down 36% on the 2018/19 season
– Suggestions that only 250 season tickets sold so far, for the 2020/21 season
– 86% of 411 fans state the performance of the Trust as ‘Poor or ‘Very Poor’
– 82% of 411 fans surveyed state the performance of the Trust rep as ‘Poor’ or ‘Very Poor’
– 77% of 732 fans said they ‘definitely wouldn’t’ or were unsure about purchasing a season ticket for 2020/21
– 94% of fans in a recent poll wanted Abdallah to sell the club
– Our newest/commercially viable facility shut for Health and Safety reasons following a dispute with the landlord
– Recent court appearance due to lack non-payment of rent, debenture and WUP
– Player disputes and currently we have only 6 contracted players

Trust Oldham Minutes

As reported on social media in the last few days ‘Trust Oldham’ released their minutes for Julys meeting, it was suggest that a trust member removed themselves from a whatsapp group with PTB which was set up for engagement due to a ‘high volume of traffic’. While we have no issue with being known as a group who ask probing questions of the club and the Trust, this whatsapp group consisted of 31 messages (excluding intro’s) over 15 days and included 1 request for info (5 questions). We don’t consider this “a high volume of traffic”. This has been raised with the Trust and we have requested that lthis be rectified due to its misleading nature.

Update on PTB/ Club meeting

We are hopeful that soon we will be able to speak to the club about pressing issues that are on the minds of fans. This is something we have been pushing for, for some time now.

From issues with the North Stand to season ticket sales, there are some vital areas that need reassurance and clarification and as soon as we have more information for you in this regard, we will provide a full update.

Red Flags

Rick Parry (EFL chairman) mentioned in a recent interview that there are clear signs when a club is in crisis and administration looms. These included issues with payments to creditors, unpaid tax bills and late (or non) payment of wages to staff and players. Whether there are extenuating circumstances regarding our issues with each one of these (we are sure that this is the case with most clubs) the fact remains that we continue to tick every box.

PFA Dispute

We understand that this is still ongoing and an agreement is yet to be reached with the players who refused to accept furlough. Some of these players are still contracted to the club and therefore until this situation is resolved, it is our understanding that they are free to move clubs for no fee. We would ask the club to address this matter with much needed urgency.

North Stand

Season tickets are now being sold for the ‘Joe Royle’ North Stand however no confirmation has been received to suggest any agreement is in place between the OEC and OAFC. We will be chasing this up with both parties.

The club has failed to address the fact that the initial investigation into concerns raised by the club have been dropped by GMP regarding transactions pertaining to the North Stand. With this investigation now closed and the unpaid rent now settled, can fans be reassured that rent payments will be kept up to date and we won’t end up in the same situation again?

Bids for Oldham Athletic?

We have been asked by a number of supporters recently as to whether any offers have been made to the club. To the very best of our knowledge, an offer was indeed submitted for the club but subsequently rejected. We understand that there is separate interest in the club and we will endeavour to find out more information as to the validity of this interest. This information supports our view that Oldham Athletic is a viable purchase for prospective buyers.

Get in Touch

As with everything that we do is we are here to represent you. If there are any concerns that you have and would like us to raise please get in contact however you wish and we will do our upmost to find answers.

Once lockdown restrictions are lifted further we hope to be able to engage with you on a more personal basis but In the meantime we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to ensure the club treat fans with the respect they deserve.

Reclaim The Faith