Good Morning Latics fans,

We hope you’re well and adjusting to a ‘new normal’.

It’s been a busy few weeks for PTB with having to set up a new twitter account, planning and releasing the ‘protect the NHS’ videos which we can’t thank all the players and staff enough who contributed, planning our upcoming World Cup of kits, making our instagram debut as well as trying to keep abreast of happenings at the club. Thanks to all of you that have shown continued support.

Yesterday we announced that we would be giving fans an opportunity to purchase PTB memorabilia to raise money for charity. The badges are selling well so please ensure you buy one before they sell out! All of your £3 donation goes to Dr Kershaws. 

We have wanted to stay visible for you all and keep things fun during the lockdown period as we appreciate how this has been a difficult time for a lot of people. We enjoyed bringing you the NHS video with ex-players and managers, as well as the Great Escape footage and this was well received and thanks for your feedback. We are here to represent fans first and foremost and want to seek and give assurances over what the future will look like once we come through these troubled times. We can assure you we are trying incredibly hard to engage with the club over this behind the scenes.

We can’t ignore the ongoing dispute with some ‘senior members’ of the playing staff as this is attracting yet more negative media attention. The issue of furlough and players wages is a hotly disputed one and it is not our place to comment on personal circumstances for players/staff involved. What is clear and we feel needs urgently addressing is that the players in question believe the only avenue left for them to air their concerns is via the press. Should the players have been treated with respect from the beginning and wages paid on time we would not be in the position we are now. We want to see unity within our football club as that breeds success on the pitch. Regardless of the circumstances, we don’t feel that by the club passing comment in a public forum (club statement), that this is helping to solve any of the issues and bring both parties together.

We have encouraged the club to speak out and use us as a platform to give assurances over the future of our club, especially over the following issues that are at the forefront of people’s minds:

– Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak deal was agreed in principle to purchase the stadium. Does the current situation affect this in any way?
– If there are funds available to purchase the stadium how do we find ourselves in a situation where March wages were only paid at the end of April?
– Reports of yet another settlement for a former employee in an unfair dismissal case. This is disappointing to see, especially with a member of staff who has been at the club for 21 years.

We understand this is a difficult time for the club with a lack of income and the furloughing of a large number of staff, so we are trying to assist the club as much as possible in trying to promote positive relations. We will more than likely need all the help we can get once we come through this, but one thing we know about Latics fans is that we will rally around our club when it needs us most, but there has to be a willingness from the club to embrace its fanbase at a time like this. Sadly the communication between club and PTB has stalled but we will continue to try and obtain the answers fans deserve.

Seeing all the recent videos of our great escape and the title winning game have made us even more determined to try and rekindle the passion & spirit that made us such formidable opponents. We have to believe that those days can come again and we can create a new era that fans can be proud of in years to come. We keep fighting.

Reclaim The Faith.