Good Morning Latics Fans,

Firstly, the rollercoaster of emotions that you seemingly sign up to when having Oldham Athletic engraved into your heart, it’s fair to say, has gone into overdrive this week. Whatever your thoughts or feelings on the current ownership, previous ownership and/or the ongoing situation, emotions such as anger, upset, disappointment, relief, hope, name an emotion, this week has had it in abundance.

PTB are, like anybody else, supporters of our beloved Oldham Athletic and the opportunity to see the club and it’s land come back under one umbrella has to be seen as a positive.

Undoubtedly, the way this has come about raises yet more questions that we hope to get the answers from in due course. Understandably, the source of money has to be queried, for the obvious reason that just 7 days ago, Oldham Athletic appeared in The Gazette for its 2nd winding up petition in 4 months due to an unpaid bill to HMRC and staff were told that they were going to receive salaries late.

To go from worrying scenarios like these to settling outstanding debenture and rent monies owed, along with paying staff in full and covering the HMRC bill, to then strike a deal to be believed of around £6 million is absolutely astonishing. Of course, if Mr Lemsagam has this money and had not relied on the continued use of loans or any third party involvement, as we have seen in regimes gone by, then this would represent a degree of hope for the future that funds might be there to take Oldham Athletic forward on the pitch.

There are so many further questions PTB has at this time, we’re sure the wider Oldham Athletic fan base has too. It has been reported that the deal is only in principle at this stage and it is advised by reporters that the likely outcome of today’s court hearing will be an adjournment in order for the deal to be fully financed and to allow extra time to finalise the deal between the two parties.

The benefits of being under one entity in its entirety could be endless if managed in the correct way and funds are proven to ensure the club is of sound footing. This will also create a much more attractive business proposition for any interested parties going forward, however, caution must stay towards the forefront of any supporter wishing to preserve the longevity of the club under these circumstances. Exerting healthy pressure on whoever the owner may be at any given time is crucial and this needs to remain as a priority of Push The Boundary moving forwards.

We, as with many Oldham Athletic supporters are in a major state of shock, given the news that was released less than 24 hours ago but PTB has vowed and continues to vow to represent our loyal and passionate fan base in anyway the majority of that support base wants us to proceed.

We have, over the last week or so been working towards publishing the recent survey results. These will be online shortly along with a written update according to results provided.

PTB is aware that it has remained quiet over a crucial period of this last week but given various rumours and reports of different people being involved at different stages, with nothing to report, we felt that any update we would have provided would have been the age old ‘providing a statement to say there isn’t a statement’. As such, we believe that this was pointless and unnecessary and hope supporters appreciate this.

Once again, PTB wants to thank everybody for their concerns raised, suggestions and support going forward. We will continue to represent our fan base in the best possible way and look to ascertain crucial updates and information which will provide clarity and certainty to the scenario we have seen unfold over the last 24 hours.