Away Days

We are now so close to the start of another season. We begin the campaign with a home game against Newport County on Saturday and the week after sees our first away trip of the season, when we travel over to Bradford. We have created a page on our website for each away game, this includes travel options, places to drink, PTB meet ups and more. The link for the page is here:

We have had positive dialogue with Bradford City & West Yorkshire Police over the last few weeks about our intentions for the day and we have reiterated that we want to try and get as many people to the Bradford game as possible, with the preferable option for PTB being pay on the day, which has been fixed for the season by Bradford at a reasonable £20.

Given the numbers involved we will obviously need to make allowances, as soon as ticketing news has been released, we will be in touch to give you any guidance on this should it needed.

We will also be doing a social media poll to try and ascertain how many fans will be turning up, so we can advise Bradford City, ensuring that as many Latics fans can be accommodated.

It’s been a long time since we have been able to be together as fans and in that time, there are lots of you who we’ve had dialogue with and would love to meet. We have always wanted to be fully transparent with fans and want to have the opportunity where we can hear your views and all your ideas, thoughts, concerns or suggestions! At this stage, we will aim to be in The Bradford Arms for 1pm.

Venue: The Bradford Arms
Address: 77 Manningham Lane, BD1 3BA
Time: 1pm
Distance from BCAFC: 550 metres

We would encourage to wear your colours, take your flags and banners and do everything you can to create a fantastic away atmosphere, something that we have become famous for over the years.


Joe Royle Stand

We are encouraged at the recent news that the Joe Royle Stand will be open for spectators following a long and hard dispute between the parties involved over various different aspects of the stand. We believe fans pressure has been a major factor in this change, which you the supporters deserve massive credit for.

Following the announcement made by the club, we understand that the Joint Operational Agreement (“JOA”) has been signed but the Service-Level Agreement (“SLA”) remains outstanding. This means that the stand will be available for use and that concourses will be open but any hospitality will remain elsewhere in the stadium.

Following on from our survey we found the opening of the Joe Royle Stand to be a major sticking point for some supporters who have had this as one of their main reasons for not attending home games for the upcoming season and we understand that supporters now may now feel more inclined to attend home games given this change in circumstances.

It is a great relief that the saga of the last 18 months has seemingly come to an end and short of celebrating fans being able to sit in the best facility in the ground, it’s certainly hugely important to acknowledge the progress made in getting the stand open to supporters again. Opening the Joe Royle Stand categorically does not mean that the away days campaign will be suspended. Our drive for supporters to get behind the team on the road still remains a key focus for us. We urge supporters to take a view of their own to decide whether the re-opening of the Joe Royle Stand is sufficient progress in their minds to return to Boundary Park. We understand that people attend games for a variety of reason, not all relating to on the pitch matters, and we ask that these fans aren’t criticised by others if they choose to attend home matches. We are still all one fanbase after all. Also, if it is enough to persuade fans to return then it is essential fans ensure healthy pressure is heard where necessary.

We are still aware that there are many underlying issues at Oldham Athletic Football Club that aren’t solved by this resolution. It’s therefore important we stand firm in obtaining positive outcomes on these other areas. Other issues include the lack of response to the petition issued to the club over a month ago requesting that the owner places the club publicly up for sale. There are issues regarding further upheaval with staff and also longstanding issues surrounding the continual role of the Sporting Director as well as financial uncertainty surrounding the club.

What we believe as a group is that it’s imperative in getting this football club back to stable footing and this will involve applying pressure as and when required, that we will continue to do. However, we feel it is also imperative to acknowledge and support progress if/when made. Re-Opening the Joe Royle Stand is something that as a group we have pushed and pushed in terms of a resolution for fans. This has been done via the club, the OEC, the council (via SAG) and MP’s. We are therefore delighted that this continued pressure has eventually paid off and that fans can at least have some modicum of normality back.

We would like to thank all parties involved in getting the stand functioning again. We stand firm on that fact that there are few few facilities in league 2 that can compare to this and it’s only right that fans can now take advantage again.

Push The Boundary will keep pushing and progressing both publicly and behind the scenes to try and ensure that supporters are treated much more fairly than they have been over recent years. This is a victory for the fanbase, and there have been too few of these in recent times.


Karl Evans

On the 29th April we announced the monthly meeting with CEO Karl Evans would come to an end, therefore meetings after this would be done on a much more ad hoc basis.

Due to us being less than a week away from the new season and as ever much changing at OAFC over the close season, we have arranged a meeting with Karl on Wednesday to raise any questions you may have ahead of the new season. Should you have any questions you require addressing please contact us via the usual methods.


Angela Rayner MP

As you may recall, we had a meeting with Angela Rayner MP a few weeks ago. This was a very positive meeting and following this, PTB completed a piece of work around collating the events of the last few years that have led us to the current situation. This included player disputes, turnover of staff and managers, treatment of fans, the North Stand and financial issues. We felt it vital that we look at the direction of travel and do our best to avoid a situation like we saw with Bury & Macclesfield as these are issues that affect local constituents. A letter was sent to the club by Ms. Rayner MP and we believe a response is still awaited. We will closely monitor how this progresses in the next few days/weeks before deciding on further action.


Foundation Oldham

We’d also like to congratulate the 4 new directors of OASF. It’s a very commendable and important thing they are all doing, and we want to offer all the support we can in terms of creating a Foundation that fans can be proud. We all want the club to be on a stable footing and the importance of fans in this process is vital.

We will try to stay in contact as much as possible but we’d love to see you at Valley Parade on the 14th August proud and in full voice supporting the team, catching up with friends old and new and sharing away day beers for the first time in what feels like an eternity!

We can’t wait! 💙

Reclaim The Faith