PTB Update

Good morning Latics fans,

Quite a lot has happened since our last update so this is something of an all encompassing update.

Food, Drink & Programme Boycott – Update

Thanks to all those who have supported the food, drink and programme boycott for the Salford City & Scunthorpe games at Boundary Park. We have to date raised £205 for Dr Kershaws Hospice and will continue to arrange further events between now and the end of the season to increase this. You can still donate here and please remember, every single penny you can provide will help support the excellent work the staff and the facility provide for families

Scunthorpe Defeat

Following the disappointing 2-0 home defeat to Scunthorpe, it was impossible to ignore the strength of feeling within the stadium and on social media after the game. The levels to which fans are disgruntled is now reaching the point of no return. This has been duly noted by PTB and we feel exactly the same.

The survey we conducted, highlighted the supporters 3 main issues within our football club:

– Abdallah Lemsagam

– Mohammed Lemsagam

– The Board

Despite many requests to address these concerns with the decision maker at the football club, we have suffered setback after setback and it is now clear to us, following the manner in which the most recent Q&A with Abdallah was organised and relayed to the fanbase, that our Chairman has no desire whatsoever to engage with us individually as a group. We have also contacted our manager, Dino Maamria, to try and circumnavigate a way to the owner as he himself has offered to build bridges between the owners and the fanbase. We are yet to hear back.

If we are honest with ourselves, we suspected this day would come and it is incredibly disappointing given that we have over 750 signatures of support on our website and have made ourselves open to professional dialogue from the outset. All attempts to get the club to take notice of the fanbase we represent have gone unheard and goodwill offered to the club has therefore expired. Given that we are the group that currently represents the largest proportion of the fanbase, we find the lack of engagement somewhat strange as we feel we have a lot to offer.

Attendances are consistently below 3,000 home fans per game and we find this unacceptable for a club of our stature. Attendees appear to be more or less limited to existing season ticket holders with very little pay on the day. We are also aware that this also includes free tickets for schools as well as complementary tickets for fans. Therefore the true number may be even more worrying and as it stands, there are no signs that this will improve for next season.

Our club enters the 125th year of its existence in 2020 and this should be a year of celebration amongst fans and club officials alike, although it feels as though we are far from being in a place where we are able to do this and the matchday experience at Boundary Park feels at an all time low. This must be addressed before we lose these fans for good. We feel that there is a real desire for fans to be galvanised and get back to Boundary Park to support the team, but under current circumstances, a significant amount needs to change to create that environment for supporters.

Upcoming Club Q&A

We are still named on the reserve list for the above event on Tuesday 7th January 2020 and have no further updates at this stage.

The last Fans Forum at Royton Cricket Club in October was not productive. There was no tangible outputs/action points from the meeting and we cannot confidently say that the main issues at the football club were fully addressed and have been taken on board. A meeting with the chairman would have been welcomed so we could address these issues on behalf of fans.

Future Protests

Taking the above into consideration, we wish to provisionally announce further protests for the Carlisle game on Saturday 18th January and the Bradford game on Saturday 1st February. Further details will be announced in due course but we can confirm that the food, drink and programme boycott will also continue for these fixtures.

We will also approach fans with regards to future ideas as we have seen mention of the following on social media:

– Mass boycotts of the stadium

– Away day protests

– In stadium protests at Boundary Park

– Protests with opposing fans at away games

All ideas have been noted and we want to ensure that whatever we do, generates maximum support and maximum interest.

Simon Blitz Q&A

We have seen the announcement of a Q&A with Simon Blitz and each member of PTB has requested and been granted a place so we can put questions to Mr Blitz in an open forum. We will be asking you to submit questions, if you are unable to attend on the evening or would rather us ask the question for you, so we can address as much as possible in the time that has been allocated. 

Following on from the announcement, we have also taken this opportunity as a group, to request a private audience with Mr Blitz and will keep you posted should our request be accepted or otherwise.

Push The Boundary Q&A Evening

We are looking to plan a Q&A so we can get together to canvas for more ideas from fans. As a fanbase, you have contributed lots of great ideas so far which we have tried to implement in what we do. Things are progressing in this respect and we hope to be able to announce more on this in the next few days.

We are energised and fully committed to help in any way whatsoever to #ReclaimTheFaith in this football club and want to ensure all supporters that no stone will be left unturned in our attempts to do so. We feel that we have made good progress in the last 2 months and will look to maintain this momentum.

Let’s get our club back.

Should you have any queries at all, please let us know via the usual channels and we will take everything on board.