PTB Response to Steve Brown – 23/12/2021


We have just read the statement from the club (here) regarding the decision to rescind the 3 year bans handed out to 3 supporters. We are astounded by the lack of apology/ remorse towards the three lads involved and to then issue final written warnings would indicate that these supporters did something wrong which we all know is not the case, at best some of the hearsay evidence is purely slanderous without any facts to back it up. To be told that you can no longer attend your clubs matches based upon accusations of which no factual evidence can, or has been provided, is completely and utterly abhorrent and for that, the people involved in the original decision should be ashamed.

All the club has served to do in the last 4 days is truly cement in the minds, not only of Oldham Athletic fans, but of football fans up and down the country, what a laughing stock we are and highlight the sheer incompetence of the people that are in charge of running the club. You had a loyal, passionate fanbase at your disposal, and you have seen fit to not only alienate them, but to actively turn against them and suggest that they have been involved in the decline of the football club both on and off the pitch. The mere suggestion of this reeks of a lack of self-awareness and unwillingness to stand by the action taken by the custodian and board in the last 3 and a half years.

Upon consultation with these supporters, we would like the following action to be confirmed at your earliest opportunity:

– That the data of the 3 fans involved has not indeed been passed to either football league clubs and/or GMP, as given the reasons behind the bans would be unlawful.
– Removal of the final written warning for these supporters. To issue this is to suggest they did anything wrong, and it is abundantly clear that this isn’t the case as the club have provided no factual evidence in support of these accusations and therefore we don’t see how any form of warning can be given?
– An apology to all 3 supporters in question, from a senior club official for the hurt and distress that has been caused. Arguably you have tarnished their reputation by merely issuing these bans in the first place and for that, they deserve an apology.

Just for clarity, by not responding to this email, we will automatically treat it that you are not willing to comply with the above requests and we will take this to local/regional and national media sources to yet again highlight the contempt with which you hold both supporters and supporters groups.

Finally, as a group, we would also like to reiterate our stance that Abdallah Lemsagam is not the man to take this club forward. He has shown time and time again a severe lack of business acumen and following this action, has completely alienated not only supporters of this club, but he has tarnished any future involvement in football in this country, because of his actions.

We request that the club is formally put up for sale and that Mr Lemsagam listens to his advisors and entertains serious offers for the football club, based upon it’s current league position, assets and reputational value, all of which have been negatively affected to the decision making of the chairman and the board in his time as custodian.

The conduct of the chairman live on national radio yesterday only serves to strengthen that view and as Trevor Sinclair mentioned afterwards “If I am an Oldham Athletic fan, I would be concerned about my clubs future”.

Well Mr Brown, we are Oldham Athletic fans and we are VERY worried about our clubs future.

We await your response.

Danny, Steve, Will & Adam

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