Saturdays Protest

We are now in a position to announce details for the pre-game protest on Saturday. Ideally we would have liked confirmation that the game would definitely be going ahead with supporters in the ground, but we can’t afford to wait any longer.

As things stand, there will be fans in the stadium for the game, so we are proposing that supporters gather around the main entrance for around 2pm, as per our previous protests.

We would love to see you turn out in your numbers and show the usual passion we would expect from you. Bring your flags, your banners and make yourselves heard. It’s the last game of the season and we want to be loud.

We have put a request out for supporters to address the crowd on the day about their experiences of being an Oldham fan and what this club means to them and this request still stands. There will be some guest speakers and should the urge take you, feel free to make yourself known to us on the day and we will give you a platform to speak.

This is our final game in the EFL and we are sure that emotions of all kinds will be running high. As with our other protests, we want this to remain peaceful and respectful and we have no doubts that it will. There will be media attention surrounding the protest and with it being our final game in the football league, let’s show fans around the country that our pre-game protest can be done lawfully. This is a proud club with a proud history and amazing support that has been ravaged by poor ownership. Ownership that has seen supporters banned, players frozen out, wages unpaid, court appearances and now, we have been stripped of our football league status by what can only be described as a scandalous level of neglect. The reign of the Lemsagams is a stain on our history.

For those that wish to attend the game and protest in the stadium, we encourage you to do so peacefully. For those that wish to stay outside, we will remain until the protest comes to it’s natural conclusion. We have been advised that some people will choose to walk out on a minute of their choosing. You protest however you want to.

Now that our fate has been confirmed, we want to make it abundantly clear that from this point forward, until the club is sold, the pressure will remain on the owners and we will be looking to hit them in the pocket however we can. It’s time for them to go.

We will also be collecting money for the OASF contingency fund, so please bring any spare change or a level of donation you wish to provide. The fund will be pivotal to dictating the future of the club and the say that fans have. When Abdallah has gone, we have to ensure that the same mistakes of the last 4 years are not repeated and by having fan involvement, we can not only stop these mistakes from happening again, but we can prosper as a club once again.

We hope to see and hear you on Saturday!

Reclaim The Faith