Protest – 10/01/2022

Over the past few weeks we have seen increased coverage given to the club by media outlets up and down the country regarding the running of our club. We feel at this stage it is vital we continue to keep our plight in the public eye and not take our foot off the pedal to ensure that fans, media and the football authorities remain aware of the discontent amongst Oldham Athletic supporters due to the of handling of club affairs and the fact we sit rooted to the bottom of the entire football league. There is no doubt that this attention and pressure is making a difference, with every poor decision the club continues to make being scrutinised. The most recent example of this is the bans given to three supporters being rescinded.

Supporters such as Mark Mills, who turned up outside Boundary Park on Saturday and protested following the postponement of our game against Sutton United and Jason who stood outside Boundary Park for a full day with banner displaying his displeasure, both lads have started to take it upon themselves to organise legal and peaceful protests of their own. This is something we encourage as it keeps the momentum going and once again highlights that we all have a part to play in the future of our club.

On that subject, we now wish to announce the next peaceful protest outside the main entrance of the club on Saturday 15th January from 2pm prior to the Leyton Orient game. At the last protest there was in excess of 800 people. Let’s ensure we maintain significant numbers so that the custodian, board members and senior officials cannot ignore our dissatisfaction and the path that we have been taken down at no fault of our own. As with other protests, whether you are there to chant or to just stand back and just be part of it, we as a fan base need to consistently stand as one until there is change in the ownership of our football club.

It was back in 2019 when we were first formed as a group, that we carried out a protest prior to the Leyton Orient game, and their trust and fanbase stood shoulder to shoulder with us to highlight the issues we faced. They have reiterated a similar message once again and will be fully supportive, having suffered at the hands of inept ownership.

As always, we encourage everyone to ensure that they are passionate but that the protest is peaceful and lawful to ensure the credibility of supporters is maintained.

As part of the day, we are also asking for willing volunteers to hand out leaflets at the ground to both home and away supporters to spread the word further. If you are interested, please contact us via the usual means (Twitter, Facebook, email etc)

We hope you can make it, whether you come to the protest and then into the ground or come to the protest and then go home we need everyone to turn out in numbers to show our current custodian and the wider footballing community that we aren’t going anywhere and that we will fight for the future of the club we love.

Keep fighting for YOUR club.

Reclaim The Faith.

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