With the protest fast approaching this weekend 07/12/2019, we have provided a rough timeline for the day to ensure all fans are aware of what is happening;

12:00-13:45 – Fans start to assemble in the White Hart Pub, Royton, OL2 6BB

13:45 – A quick speech welcoming all supporters to the protest, welcoming Leyton Orient supporters joining us and reminding people of the plan once more stating the protest will commence at approx. 14:00.

14:00 – PTB will advise supporters that the protest is to commence, leaving the White Hart to assemble ready to head to the ground

14:15 – Allowing an extra 5 minutes in case of delay, we will stop outside the Main Entrance at the Main Stand on Furtherwood Road.

14:20 – A short speech will be made by a PTB member highlighting some facts as to why we are there and why the protest is taking place. Reiterating that the protest needs to remain peaceful and law abiding at all times as professionalism is what will get us to our end goal. This speech will also welcome Leyton Orient representatives.

14:25 – Oldham Fans encouraged to lay their scarves (provided by the owner for free last season) with a message stapled to the scarf as to what they want from the club and make their feelings known. *We will be asking the club to donate the scarves to a homeless shelter as a gesture of goodwill*

14:30 – A further short speech will be made by a Leyton Orient Committee Member (‘LOFT’) as to what happened at Orient, how they felt during the dark times, why it is important to stick with PTB in its quest and how they got to the end goal of finding a alternative owner and advising the part LOFT played in this.

14:35 – Any questions asked by the crowd. Supporters will then engage in songs etc

14:45 – Protest ends. A short thank you will be given by PTB. Latics supporters will then choose to either enter the ground or decide not to attend the game. (This is completely the choice of the individual) Away supporters will then head towards the away end.

We wish to remind all supporters that this protest will be peaceful, sensible and professional as we believe that we can only get the results we want by being responsible, respectful and approachable.