Push The Boundary are aware of and have also been contacted by fans who viewed the recent BBC Panorama documentary ‘Boxing & The Mob’ which aired on Monday evening.

A number of allegations were made during the programme and while we would prefer not to comment specifically on any of these (they are already in the public domain), there are areas we feel need to be addressed from the perspective of being an Oldham Athletic supporter.

The main concern raised by supporters and as a fans group of the club is an existing and ongoing business link between a current board member/club solicitor Adam Morallee and the subject of the documentary. We wanted to avoid any situations where there is even a possibility that the club could be brought into disrepute or receive any avoidable negative press. The club has received too much of this in the last few years.

We raised these concerns with the club on Tuesday (02/02/2021) in the hope that they can put the minds of fans at rest and/or address these allegations.

We want to stress that these are purely allegations at this stage but these have created enough concern to warrant further questions being asked.

The club responded quickly to us which is greatly appreciated and to their credit have provided us with the following update;

1. Brandsmiths, the firm Adam founded, acts for Daniel Kinahan in relation to the bringing a libel action on his behalf against newspapers and broadcasters. The firm is one of the top London firms for media and libel matters and its clients include including Mo Farah and Gordon Ramsay.

2. S-Jam, the boxing company that Adam founded, has a relationship with MTK. Other companies including Sky, ESPN, Matchroom/Eddie Hearn and Frank Warren also have a relationship with MTK. Daniel Kinahan exited MTK some time ago.

PTB would advise supporters against making potentially libellous comments on any form of social media. Adam has seen comments like “Adam has business interests with crime lord Daniel Kinahan”. He has advised us that this is categorically untrue and that he is running his businesses, which he started from scratch, in a totally legal way. He does not want to take legal action against people online, particularly Oldham fans, but if that allegation is repeated he will have to take action to protect his own reputation.’

No supporter wants to see this happen and as we have already said, we stress that these are purely allegations contained in the documentary.

We thank Karl Evans and Adam Morallee for engaging with us on this sensitive subject.

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