Our Club

Our football club is a shadow of its former self.

It has no identity and lacks a sense of purpose. We are disconnected from the club and do not know what it stands for.

Pride in Oldham Athletic has drifted away and the family club it once was has disappeared. We continue to be abandoned by our devoted fan base and our presence in and relevance to the town of Oldham is in long term decline.

We are being left behind as other clubs pursue innovative strategies to grow and achieve a sustainable existence within the English Football League.
We have seen our club being eroded year-on-year under the stewardship of numerous owners from Chris Moore, Simon Corney to Abdallah Lemsagam. Our fall from grace is a death by a thousand cuts over a long period of time. It has never been dramatic enough to galvanise fans and bring them together to halt the slide into oblivion. Instead we feel apathy has taken hold. This apathy will kill us eventually.

Enough is enough. We think it is time to reclaim the faith.

Our Owner

Under Mr Lemsagam we have seen the decline of our club continue. We have witnessed significant instability within the management and playing staff due to the number of outgoings, good people dismissed from the club, rumoured interference in team selection, hardworking players frozen out and a rumoured culture of fear seemingly develop.

People who are Oldham through and through have deserted the club and former players have spoken negatively of the regime. Reports of late salary payments and unpaid pension contributions add to the evidence of financial incompetence.

Our owner and the Board hold our fans seemingly in contempt this needs to change. They do not empathise with fans opinions and are dismissive of any dissatisfaction given as feedback. They are fundamentally in denial about their failures in running the club on and off the pitch and are blind to the damage they have caused. The owner and his Board are putting our league status under significant threat, which will only damage the future of our club.
Our club’s reputation is in tatters and there is significant mistrust of the current regime. We fear for our future. We believe the majority of our fans share this view.