On 6th November 2019 we wrote to the club to announce our launch as a fan group and convey our shared views. We do not expect a response but this letter draws an unambiguous line in the sand regarding our position and the issues we have.

We hope this letter resonates with you. We wanted to add many more signatures, having read the letter 596 supporters added their name to it before it then being sent to the club. You can view the letter here and register your support here.

In the short term, we have conducted a survey which has been completed by 671 supporters, registered with the FSA (Football Supporters Association), met with the FLG to get answers for fans and also committed to and carried out a pre game protest on 7th December 2019 at the match versus Leyton Orient. The protest was attended by 300 Oldham supporters, who were joined on the day by Leyton Orients Trust (LOFT). The protest was peaceful, sensible and professional, a massive credit to everyone who attended. We believe that we can only get the results we want by being responsible, respectful and approachable.

These initial steps are just the start. It would be wrong for us to commit to a set of planned activities beyond the next few weeks and we will be asking fans to share their views, ideas and suggestions to move our campaign forward. We hope to meet as many fans as possible to ensure we get a broad range of thoughts and ideas of what fans want from the group.


We can only be effective if fans back our cause. We want as many people as possible to sign our letter to the club and put their weight behind our cause.

Our protest will be constant and varied. We are not interested in short term appeasement and will play the long game to secure a better future for our club.

This can only happen if the club feels the full force of this movement. It is vital that every fan takes responsibility and recognises the role they have to play. Give us the strength we need to challenge the owner by backing our cause.