As an independent fans group, under the current circumstances, we felt it appropriate to address all Leyton Orient fans attending Saturday’s game, and also those that can’t or won’t be there.

You will have seen footage in recent weeks of Oldham Athletic supporters invading the pitch and throwing projectiles on the pitch. We don’t condone this action but we have to fully acknowledge why this has taken place and the resulting attention it has received.

We currently have an owner who is trying to rip out the heart of our club, whether it be by poor recruitment on and off the pitch, constant changing of managers (9 in under 4 years), numerous disputes with senior players or his most recent tactic, to stop fans attending home or away games by restricting tickets.

As a fanbase, we are living our worst nightmare. The last thing we have ever had is any sense of entitlement, and this frustration is not borne out of a lack of success, it has come from seeing our club decimated before our very eyes.

We fully understand that this is now our battle, and not yours, but we want to acknowledge that you suffered and went through all the emotions that we are currently experiencing, and in some ways, the experiences we have shared are all too similar. We saw you on the brink of the Championship, only for the infrastructure of your club to be torn apart and for the unthinkable to happen, relegation to the National League. You rebuilt after amazing work from LOFT and the coming together of supporters who cared passionately about your club, and we are now doing the same.

We want to reassure you that we will be in good spirits, lawful and our intention is to not disrupt or interrupt the enjoyment of your day inside or outside the stadium. We will be passionate and we will make our voices heard, and we hope to create a great atmosphere. We know that in an ideal world we should both be challenging at the right end of the table, but for now, circumstances dictate that it’s not to be.

We ask that you join with us in a show of solidarity after 4 minutes, whether that be simply with applause or to voice your opinion against the charlatan that was the custodian of your club. Hopefully we will be good natured rivals again soon, once this nightmare is over.

See you on Saturday!