Open Letter to Abdallah – 30/10/2020

Dear Mr Lemsagam,

As you will no doubt be aware, we are currently sat 20th in the football league. We have from 8 points from 9 games and we are conceding 2 goals a game on average.

We currently find ourselves in a dispute with 2 members of the squad, the result of which means that one has been sent on loan to Aberdeen and the other, our club captain from 2019/20, is training with the youth team and has been advised that he is no longer part of the first team squad.

We are asking you to listen to the fans. If you truly want the best for this club, you would want to give us the very best chance of success. We are therefore calling for the reinstatement of David Wheater and Gary Woods (upon his return from his loan spell with Aberdeen) to the playing squad. We have conceded 18 in 9 games and we sit 20th the football league. it is clear on the pitch that we are missing a leader, an experienced defender and our club captain from the 2019/20 season.

The advantages of his inclusion back in the squad would be:

1. It would show that you are listening to fans and not only the popular consensus, but the correct moral decision
2. It strengthens our playing squad in a time when we desperately need it
3. It gives a new manager, the best possible chance to succeed by having his best players available to him
4. Treating a seasoned and decorated professional with the level of respect that his career deserves

We are the sure that the dispute with these players is nothing that cannot be resolved for the good of the clubs league status, which is currently under threat. The players themselves (via their agent) have suggested the players are still willing to fulfil their role within the squad.

We believe that if available both players would be more than worthy of a place in a matchday squad in our fight to climb the table. Should there be any reason legally why this cannot happen, we would ask for honesty and transparency on this matter. If you choose to ignore this request then it can and will only be seen as a further act of contempt towards the long suffering fans of this club. We await your response.


Ste, Danny, Will and Adam

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