PTB Update – North Stand

Following our update on Sunday 26th January 2020, we can confirm that as of Thursday 30th January at 5pm (the deadline we set) there had been no acknowledgement or response from the club regarding our offer of mediation between the themselves and the OEC.

This is obviously hugely disappointing as we (as fans first and foremost) would like to be kept up to date and at least know that significant progress is being made towards getting the stand opened again and for the 1,000 season ticket holders to be able to sit in their usual seats as they have all season.

OEC did reply to our email and confirmed that they would be willing to cooperate and had attempted to arrange a meeting with both the club and SAG independently prior to the Bradford game (with the intention of opening the stand for the Bradford game). When the club were asked to confirm their attendance the clubs solicitor advised it was too short notice and suggested next Tuesday/Wednesday instead. Therefore the proposed meeting has had to be cancelled.

The weekend sees the arrival of Bradford City and we know they will bring a considerable following with them and we would like nothing more than to have all four stands at Boundary Park contributing to a fantastic atmosphere as we’ve seen in years gone by.

We acknowledge we are an external party and have no place at the table, however as a group that wants to represent the interest of fans and resolve pressing issues, we feel that we must try everything within our power to assist. It is clear that this has already gone on too long and while some of the areas raised by the SAG are a concern, and that safety within a football stadium is of the highest priority, we don’t feel as though they aren’t fundamentally issues that can’t be resolved face to face in a professional manner.

Our next steps as a group are to email the FSA (Football Supporters Association) to obtain their views on the situation, as this of course impacts fans routines and the ability to enjoy their usual matchday experience. We will keep you informed of this and whether anything can be done by external parties to resolve this situation in the shortest timeframe possible.

We will also send a follow up email to the club as a reminder that the offer is still on the table and we would implore them to make this happen so things can move forward. It was made clear that the channels of communication were now open and this is the perfect opportunity to showcase this.

We will keep you up to date with any progress we make.

Reclaim The Faith