PTB Statement

  • Firstly, we wanted to state on record just how grateful we are to everyone that attended the protest on Saturday. It took a lot of planning and we knew that as this was our first one, we needed to get this right and you were a credit to yourselves and the football club. We considered this protest a massive success for a number of reasons, those including:
  • – It was attended in great numbers, over 300 people was overwhelming and shows the strength of feeling that there is collectively to get this club back to where it belongs
    – It was conducted in the right spirit. A passion for the town and for the football club. We are all fans and only want the best for the club
    – It garnered the attention of local media via a national news organisation. The advantage being that it will place the decision making of the regime under greater scrutiny, more than ever before, which should lead to more conscientious decision making in the upcoming days, weeks and months
  • Following the BBC North West Tonight interview with the MD, Natalie Atkinson, it was noted that Mr Lemsagam has had an apparent u-turn and is now willing to speak to “fans, or groups of fans” about the current state of feeling around the football club. It is at this point unclear the format and/or when this will take place but we would prefer it to be as soon as possible, given the purported lack of engagement amongst fans, an issue highlighted in our recent survey results.
  • We wish to publicly state on record our intention as a group, to meet with Mr Lemsagam following this statement from the club. As part of this, we would have the following terms that we have outlined to the club:
  • – No non-disclosure agreements will be signed by any member of PTB. This meeting is about our football club and if there is nothing to hide, then there should be no issues with this. The football club has been shrouded in mystery, rumour and conjecture for far too long now and if we are to move forward collectively, this has to cease immediately
    – We would be requesting that fans submit questions prior to any meeting so they can be put to the owner in a smaller, more controlled format as we believe this can achieve a better outcome
    – As a group we also have our own questions for Mr Lemsagam that we see as being pivotal as to how we see the club moving forward in the future
    – We will be reporting back fully to fans afterwards, in good time, and would expect tangible, measurable outputs from this meeting
  • There are many elements of the survey results that we have not been able to address with the club after they failed to respond publicly as per our request. We thought our terms were fair and our deadline realistic given the concerns that the survey highlighted. This is also something we would look to address in our meeting.
  • If these terms are unable to be met by the club, it would be incredibly disappointing, although I think that the club would also be aware of the wider implications of this and how it would be viewed by the media and the extended footballing community.
  • We understand and appreciate that other meetings may take place with other fans/groups of fans and we are happy with this, but as a group that is responsible for organising a successful protest with over 300 people in attendance, sending a letter to the club with 596 signatures and competing a survey of over 650 people, we would expect our request to meet with the owner to be taken very seriously.
  • We have, as of today, advised the club of this desire to meet along with terms, and we will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • Once again thank you for your continued support and offers of help. Please continue with this as we are all in this together and more importantly, all our momentum could not be achieved without you!
  • Regards
  • PTB