Letter to the Owner – 20/05/2021

Dear Mr Lemsagam,

We are writing to you with a clear message. Do what is best for this club and its supporters and place Oldham Athletic 2004 Ltd up for sale.

Push The Boundary requested your assistance, back in November 2019, to help you engage with a large number of the clubs supporters to try and help you make a success of this great football club. We gave you feedback regarding the feeling of fans and that if we continue on the same path, you would risk losing even more public support.

We managed one meeting with yourself following a protest. This was despite us sending numerous letters which were ignored but that one meeting has been our only contact with you to date. You committed to ongoing conversations but never followed through on that and kept your word.

While we accept you have injected cash into the club, you have also driven down revenue as a result of your poor decisions. This also does not give you the right to treat supporters in the manner that you have. Under your tenure we have ‘achieved’ the following league finishes:

2017/18 – 21st in League 1
2018/19 – 14th in League 2
2019/20 – 19th in League 2
2020/21 – 18th in League 2

Throughout this, we have had to endure a standard of players, with the very rare exception of one or two, not befitting of wearing the shirt.

We regret that it has got to this stage but we feel we have given you every opportunity prior to this, to listen and to engage with fans to make our situation better. The decline in the clubs fortunes both on and off the field cannot be allowed to continue and will no longer be accepted by its long suffering supporters. Your brothers position as Sporting Director and your position as chairman have both become untenable. In your last correspondence with fans you said that the number of unhappy fans were “a minority” but even you can no longer believe this to be true. Let us remind you that 88% of 1,137 fans decided you were not the man to take this club forward. This is combined with a huge reduction in the number of people purchasing season tickets and voting with their feet. The fans have spoken.

We have therefore been left with no option but to request that you cut your losses and sell the club to someone willing and capable to guide the club to good fortune once again. Push The Boundary have been made aware of numerous bids for the club which have been rejected by yourself despite being worth well in excess of what you paid for the club. This is also combined with the fact the club is a division lower, with a dwindling fanbase and lack of assets, the latter being something you were aware of when you purchased the club.

Over the past three years of your tenure, we have endured;

Late wages
9 managers
Court appearances
Missed rent payments
North Stand closure
Poor treatment of players & staff
Employment tribunals
Sponsors walking away
False promises over the ground purchase and training ground development
Continual poor performance from your brother as a director of football yet maintains his position.
Reports of bags of money arriving at the club.
Poor season ticket sales.
Substandard overseas players contracts being extended despite failing to play.

And this is topped off by a relegation to the bottom flight of English football for the first time since 1968/69 and our lowest league position since 1969/70.

The supporters of this club would back any owner willing to put 110% into making this club a success, which you will have seen for yourself following our relegation to League 2. We increased our season ticket numbers because fans believed a return to League 1 wasn’t far away. Since then the hope has disappeared and been replaced by a mixture of anger and apathy. We are suffering a slow death as a result of poor decision making, interference and a lack of willingness to listen and learn to valuable feedback from supporters.

The pressure from supporters will only continue to increase, whether that be via protest, a further reduction in home attendance or club merchandise being purchased. The clubs reputation has been ruined by a disregard for the people that matter most, our amazing fans.

As supporters all we ask is for you to acknowledge this venture has not worked and that you give us a chance to rebuild before this situation deteriorates any further.


Push The Boundary

If you agree with the above letter and would like the club to know your feelings please sign the petition on the link below;


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