To All Latics Supporters,

Today has seen the unveiling of an independent supporters group named Push The Boundary and we felt that as the supporters that we seek to represent, we should welcome you with a statement advising you of the group, its aims and objectives and why we feel that this is the right thing to ensure supporters have a voice.

Push The Boundary was setup just under 8 weeks ago by a group of disillusioned supporters who feel disconnected from Oldham Athletic like many other supporters. Following positive meetings (once or twice a week), a plan was put in place to take this to the next level and develop into a formal group which would see us be the voice of Oldham Athletic Supporters that we believe has been missing now for quite some time.

Why are we doing this?

We currently feel that the club is in disarray, with many issues surrounding the club which hangs like a large, dark cloud over our beloved Football Club. Given that the Trust now have a narrow remit, we want to represent supporters by voicing concerns for the majority of the fan base. We believe that we (as supporters), can make a difference given your support and we can deliver a clear, unambiguous message whilst acting and behaving in a responsible, peaceful and professional manner.

What are we trying to achieve?

We want ultimately, to try and safeguard the club in any way possible. Currently, we are in contact with a number of Football Clubs’ to gauge their opinions and seek their advice for situations that have been apparent at their clubs. Teams such as Blackpool, Exeter and Leyton Orient with whom we share an uncanny amount of similarities. We have also been searching several contacts in regards to trying to source potential investors. At this stage, as I’m sure you can appreciate, this is in its infancy. We must stress that we are not here to buy the Club nor want to run the Club. We are merely here to voice the main concerns that supporters have and do this through one voice rather than individual sources. A timescale of when these aims and objectives can be achieved cannot be provided at present. It will require an awful lot of attention to detail, a lot of careful and professional planning and also a huge amount of support in order for these to become achievable as quickly as we would like them to be but I hope you understand that this project requires patience from both ourselves and its supporters but we vow to do everything we can to represent our club’s supporters in a manner that they feel they can be proud of and feel that they can be part of throughout. We understand that communication is key and promise to update you on our workings behind the scenes and what our next steps will be in our quest to achieve all of our aims and objectives.

Why has it taken so long to get to this point?

We understand that supporters are restless and dissatisfied with the current situation of the Club both on and off the field at present. We share the same concerns and frustrations but we needed to ensure that Push The Boundary was prepared fully before unveiling anything to supporters. As stated, this has taken just under 8 weeks to prepare following the planned protest back in August prior to the Colchester United home game. During that time, the group has held a number of meetings, has been funded by its founder members, needed a website to be put in place and fully functional prior to its launch and as such, frustratingly taken 8 weeks to get to where we needed to be prior to advising supporters of its full content. As supporters of the Club, all we want is for Latics supporters to be taken seriously by its owners and listened to by the wider football community. Our Club’s supporters have suffered for too long and we now believe this is the right time to #ReclaimTheFaith and reinvigorate the passion and belief that our fan base can be heard effectively under the power of one voice! We hope you understand and appreciate these reasons, we hope you can support us in our quest and forgive us for the “cryptic tweets” we have made in the build up to our launch. We hope you understand that we needed to do this in order to gain momentum for when we were ready to unveil our plans on 31 October 2019. Lastly, we thank you for your patience and support to date and hope we can develop into something that Latics Supporters can be proud of being part of.

What do we need you to do?

In order for Push The Boundary to become successful in its quest to become the voice of Oldham Athletic Supporters, we need you to do the following from today.
· Head to the website and “register your interest”. There is no members fee or joining fee, just simply require your support which shows that you are happy for Push The Boundary to voice your concerns and become a number of hopefully hundreds/thousands that do the same.
· Read ‘Push The Boundary’s’ letter that will be sent to the Club and put your name down to show that this letter represents your views of the current situation at Latics. We feel that the letter covers a number of issues that need to be closely monitored/addressed quickly in order for the Club to improve both on/off the field. The more signatories we have when sending this letter, the more scope we have to demand these issues are corrected.
· Complete the “SurveyMonkey survey” – This will be on the website shortly and you will be updated as to when this goes live on our website. Please be advised that this will only take a short amount of time (a couple of minutes) to complete. Once done so, we will be collating the data and reporting back to supporters. This will not only show the current issues that supporters feel to be most pressing but also show us a clear indication of which issue to tackle first. We want to do this in order to represent the supporters in the correct manner. Once more, the more responses we get, the clearer the message we can deliver to the Club when attempting to raise these issues.
Just to be clear, we cannot do this on our own. We both want and need your support in order for this to get to second base. We believe this is needed and that this is the right time to develop a strong unity amongst the fan base.

Where do we go from here?

This is only the very start of our quest. To date, we have invested a lot of time, effort and money into founding Push The Boundary and we believe passionately that this could be the start of something which supporters can believe in and can look towards for voicing their concerns.

From here, we are available to be spoken to both at home and away games as well as answering queries on an intermittent basis via email and twitter. We do have full time jobs but will continue to invest time and effort into making this work, so I hope you can appreciate that all queries may not be responded to on a daily basis.

We will be available to meet prior to the Northampton Town home game on 2nd November 2019 in the “White Hart Pub” from 12pm to 2pm and will field any questions you may have for ourselves and have discussions about your concerns. There is a FAQ page on the website which hopefully clears certain areas of our mission up and clarifies any points you may be unsure about.

There will be details placed online shortly about a protest planned prior to the Leyton Orient home game on 7th December 2019. We want to turn the 27 into 100 (minimum) and hope that we have your support and presence at the protest.

Just to reiterate, this is a longer term plan in regards to getting the results we want. There isn’t a quick fix with this and requires longevity, patience but most of all openness and transparency in order to represent you in the way we believe Latics fans want to be represented. Without your support, this will fall on deaf ears. We need each and every single one of you to support us in our quest to #ReclaimTheFaith and thoroughly believe in our proud, vocal fan base to show that Oldham Athletic still means everything to each and every single one of us.

Thank you for reading and please check out our website.

“A journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step”
“Together we can make a difference”

Push The Boundary