So, the World Cup of kits starts on Monday and will run for 2 weeks. 32 kits have been chosen and already there are lots of comments around those omitted, who will be in the final and potential winners.

We narrowed down the kits ourselves and tried to pick a variety of home & away shirts as well as from each decade to give a good spread of kits for all age groups. This obviously provides a healthy amount of debate as different kits mean different things to different people.

At PTB, we like to think we can take feedback on board. As a result, we have come up with a wildcard selection. Here is how it will work…

1. Groups will be chosen in the manner already stated (votes between 4 shirts and the top 2 will proceed)
2. The shirt with the lowest votes in second place across the groups (that’s votes, not percentage) will be pitted against 3 other shirts that have got a lot of public support.
3. The winner of this will proceed to the final 16 and the competition will proceed as normal.

The three kits that will be given a Denmark (Euro ‘92) style reprieve are as follows:

If anyone has any queries, please let us know. We hope you really enjoy the competition and make sure you get voting for your favourite.