Good evening Latics fans,

Richie Wellens – Sept 17 – June 18.
Frankie Bunn – June 18- Dec 18.
Pete Wild – Dec 18 – Feb 19.
Paul Scholes – Feb 19 – March 19.
Pete Wild – March 19 – May 19.
Laurent Banide – June 19 – Sept 19.
Dino Maamria – Sept 19 – July 20.

…Harry Kewell

Here we go again. The revolving door at Boundary Park continues to spin. As a club (and ultimately as a fanbase) we are set to enter another period of uncertainty, another period of change. In the last few years, managers have come and gone in quick succession but the one constant that it is impossible to ignore is that the custodians of this club continue to act without thought to the legacy they are destroying with each passing moment they are at the helm. What also stands out is how the current structure at the club, in terms of recruitment and the working relationship between the head coach/sporting director is not working.

Usually when a manager leaves his position, either of his own volition or if he is released by the club, it usually brings with it the opportunity to enter a new era, to have a fresh start and push forwards. Sadly with our club in more recent years, especially under the regime of the Lemsagams, it just feels inevitable that change and/or controversy is always just around the corner.

With regards to Harry’s reign at the club, we never saw ‘his’ team live and he never saw us in the stands at Boundary Park. Harry had very recently spoken of the “perfect relationship” working with the Sporting Director so it yet again begs the question as to how we find ourselves here. We can and we are sure we will debate whether we were making visible signs of progress under Harry Kewell on the pitch. The playoffs were drifting well out of sight and you could sense understandable frustration starting to build amongst the fanbase.

It is impossible to ignore that despite questionable recruitment over the last 3 years, it is yet again the Sporting Director who outlasts the head coach and there appears to be no sign of that changing. How can we push forward as a club when there is no accountability from the person who has overseen recruitment in one of the darkest periods for our club.

Our club needs an urgent overhaul of the footballing structure before a new head coach/ manager is brought in. For the integrity of the club, the town and the long suffering fans it represents, we are calling on Abdallah and Mohammed Lemsagam to rethink their current “vision” for the club. We will be contacting the club to ask for an explanation as to what has led us to this position. Let us be perfectly clear, this is not about Harry Kewell, it is about the disdain with which fans are being treated, yet again.

Whoever is next through the door give them the opportunity to do it their way without interference and free from sporting director control. Only then will we see change.

As always, we are here for any queries you may have but we can assure you all that we are just as angry, disappointed and despondent at having to write such a statement yet again. It feels like yet another massive step backwards in the 125th year in existence of our great club.

Reclaim The Faith