1. Over the past few weeks PTB have been working a lot more behind the scenes to try and bring viable new owners to the table of the football club. This has resulted in less visible protest action by ourselves, but this shouldn’t prevent supporters from taking their own stand and making their voices heard however they personally feel necessary (lawfully permitting of course). We feel as a group that protesting needs to be varied to keep the clubs plight in the media, the coverage on Football Focus and Four Four Two in the last week really has shown that it is still in the thoughts of the press. 

On Wednesday 20th October we released a short survey to PTB registered members to gauge current feelings on what we do next as a supporter group and to give fans a say in how we move forward. We now feel it needs an injection of new ideas to keep the pressure up, this is where you come in!

This was always going to be sent to members first but now is the chance for all supporters PTB members or not to have your say. We are keeping the survey open until Thursday 28th at 19:00hrs.

If you have a spare 2 minutes please fill this in on the link below;