Good Afternoon Latics Supporters,

Following on from last night’s meeting with both Trust Oldham and the Football Supporters Association (FSA), Push The Boundary and Trust Oldham felt it was essential that we both provide supporters with a prompt update with how the meeting developed and what outcomes there were. Supporters are kindly encouraged to read both updates.

Firstly, PTB wishes to thank the Trust Board of Directors and the FSA for their attendance last night. The FSA representatives had travelled quite some distance to participate in the meeting with and for that PTB cannot be more appreciative.​

The meeting was setup initially to allow all parties to come together and gain an understanding of respective avenues of approach. In respect of moving forward, it is clear that there had to be and has to be a clear knowledge and appreciation of the ways to get to the common goal of trying to do everything to not only safeguard the club in its current guise but to ensure that the club is healthy and has a connection to its supporters and the town itself, not just for the short term but for foreseeable future. We appreciate however that this will require a lot of hard work to become a possibility but end goals are set out to be worked towards. ​

As well as trying to gain common ground with a level of understanding, areas of major concern were discussed, particularly the current proposed purchase of the stadium and the financials. The FSA provided valuable insight into the perception of the club from the wider footballing community, something that is all to easy to lose track of. It was commented on by the FSA that we are being monitored as a club in crisis, this is not new information as this was raised by MP’s not so long ago, but it would be fair to say that there will need to be plenty of hard work put in by all parties and a lot of pressing issues that need urgently addressing.

Within the discussion, a large proportion of the meeting consisted of the recent events at Oldham Athletic and the potential purchase of Boundary Park given that a deal in principle has been agreed between Mr Abdallah Lemsagam and Mr Simon Blitz. At this moment in time, there still remains a number of scenarios that could arise and like with anything at Oldham Athletic for a number of years, it cannot be said with any certainty what the outcome will be at this stage.​

It is clearly a frustrating and concerning time for supporters but patience is required due to the various end results we could be faced with. We hope to find out more details regarding the potential purchase of the ground in due course. A common aim and goal however is to ensure that Boundary Park, whichever scenario comes to fruition, is secure and that it is a valuable asset to the club in order for the club to move forward in a positive manner whilst building the long term future of the football club on a stable financial footing.

Many points were made from all parties including wages being paid late, the latest winding up petition, the notice of intention to appoint an administrator, concerns around lack of funds over the summer period and of course security around the future of Boundary Park, following this meeting, we hope that everybody involved feels a level of understanding that perhaps may not have been present before. Despite recent events and the ongoing situation, everybody present last night was there with the same goal which is ultimately to try and help affect positive change at this football club. It is a starting block which has provided PTB with a platform to explain our views around how we operate, our thought process and especially how the club should continue to be put under healthy pressure from all corners in order to achieve the best possible result for the future of the club.

Once again, rest assured, we will continue to do everything we can to represent the supporters of Oldham Athletic and we will continue to leave no stone unturned and explore every possible avenue to find information that may prove vital in the coming days, weeks and months.​ There is a distinct possibility that fans will need a voice more than ever at this time, and we propose to give everyone that platform in order to express their views in the best way possible.

Reclaim The Faith​