We were recently contacted by Rochdale Supporters Trust (as well as numerous Rochdale Supporters) to advise that at the recent home game against Harrogate Town, former Rochdale CEO, David Bottomley was in attendance.

We are at this stage unaware in what capacity Mr Bottomley was in attendance, but we feel it’s our job as a supporters group, as it has been since day one, to raise any potential red flags that may impact the future of our club.

Having researched at length and had conversations with Rochdale supporters it is of our opinion that any appointment made would not be in the best interest of the football club or it’s supporters.

There is obviously the possibility that this information is incorrect, but given the current situation at the club and the apparent departure of current CEO, Karl Evans, we can’t and won’t leave anything to chance.

Mr Bottomley was removed as a director in June 2021 following an EGM, where 60% of members voted in favour of his removal from the board (along with Graham Rawlinson).

Rochdale’s issues have been well documented, and are indeed ongoing with regards to a ‘hostile takeover’ and the allocation of shares to Morton House MGT, owned by Andrew Curran. Mr Bottomley was the incumbent CEO at the height of this furore. It also understood that as a result of this, Mr Bottomley forms part of an investigation being undertaken by the EFL.

Mr Bottomley (who was UK Sales Director) was also referenced in the Hasbro price fixing scandal in 2002, where a £4.95m fine was imposed by the OFT and the final report referenced the following:

David Bottomley, UK Sales Director, admitted in his statement to OFT officials that he “was an instigator”. It is the Director’s view that, in the person of David Bottomley, Hasbro’s senior management was fully aware of what the Distributors’ agreements involved and actively
encouraged their implementation. (para 89).

As a result of this, we have emailed Rick Parry, who has previously been made aware of Mr Bottomley and his involvement with Rochdale, to raise our concerns.

We thank those fans that have independently contacted us with this information. The vigilance of football fans is vital when our clubs are threatened. At a critical time in our clubs history, it’s incredibly important that fans views are heard and that we act as a first line of defence. We have been subjected to far too many poor decisions and poor decision makers and we have to act with the benefit of foresight offered to us.

We will keep you advised of any progress made.

Reclaim The Faith