How can I get in touch with you? 
Via the contact form on this page or you can contact us via the following means:

Email: Info@pushtheboundary.co.uk
Facebook: Push The Boundary
Twitter: @PTB_OAFC
Instagram: pushtheboundary

Who are you?
We are four Oldham fans who are passionate about the club but have become disillusioned with the way that the club is being run. We didn’t all know each other prior to meeting up to discuss the state of the club but quickly found that we had common concerns.

Why did you set up PTB?
It was clear that there was no group that is able to give a voice to Oldham supporters who are becoming increasingly concerned about the path that the club is taking. There appear to be a lot of supporters with similar concerns but individually it is difficult for them to make themselves heard. We believe that if those fans come together under one umbrella it will be much more difficult for the powers that be at the club to ignore them.

What are your objectives?
The ultimate objective is to have a football club that we as fans can once again feel proud of and which is able to compete on the pitch. Furthermore we want to support a club which is respected within the local community and treats its staff and fans in ways that they deserve to be treated.

How will you achieve your objectives?
It is apparent that the owner and Board of the club believe the way that they are operating is not damaging Oldham Athletic. We wish to provide a mouthpiece for those supporters who do not share this opinion. There are a number of different approaches that may be taken to try to persuade those in charge to change their ways. We are committed to a respectful and peaceful campaign to facilitate change.

Is PTB different from Trust Oldham?
Yes. We believe that Trust Oldham has an important role to play in the future of Oldham Athletic and respect the job that it has done. We recognise, however, that the shareholding it holds in the club and the responsibilities that go alongside its seat on the Board curtail its ability to be critical of some of the things that we, as fans, are concerned about.

Is PTB associated with the Fans Led Group?
No. We are aware of the existence of the FLG and have had access to the same information that they have made public as everyone else. We continue to follow their activities with interest.

How can I get involved?
Please sign up to support us on this website. For PTB to have a voice it is important that we can demonstrate that we have as much support as possible. We will be organising a number of initiatives to put pressure on the club’s Board and we would be grateful for your support.

How is PTB being funded?
To date the website has been the only major cost that we have faced. That has been funded by those of us who have set PTB up. As the group progresses and expands it is likely that additional funding may be required dependent upon the type of protests that we use. As and when this is necessary we may consider setting up a crowd funding page and maybe arrange some kind of fundraising event.

Why has it taken so long to launch PTB?
When the group first met to talk about ideas it was clear to us that we needed to gain the support of other fans who have similar views to ourselves which led to the idea of PTB. Initially we did not expect it to take so long to ‘go live’. It has, however, taken some time to establish the basis of the group, pull together website content and define a clear objective. We wish to ensure that fans are aligned to our concerns and so it was important that we were clear as to our position. We are all doing this in our spare time so hopefully you can appreciate that things haven’t always moved as quickly as we might have hoped.

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