Fans Vs Legends – 24/06/2022

We are in the final stages of planning now ahead of the Fans v Legends game on Sunday. We can’t wait to see you turning out in your droves to watch, meet and share memories with some of the players that have represented us over the last 20 years or so.

When we think of David Eyres, even to this day we think of that amazing last minute free kick at Stockport County to secure a 2-1 win, or the winner at Derby County in the league cup to send travelling fans into rapture. The goal that Wayne Andrews scored after 8 seconds at Wigan, or the the 4 goals scored by big Clyde against Mansfield. These memories stay with us, forever.

We want Sunday to be a massive celebration of all that and we hope it reignites a passion that’s been lost to supporters over the last few years, and that you can tell your friends and your children about why you love this club so much. Perhaps you’ll even be able to see some old friends down at Avro and share some stories of the past.

The last 4 years have been horrific, but let’s put that aside for a day and enjoy being Oldham Athletic fans and enjoy what we’ve collectively built in the way of a “rebel alliance”.

The day will start with an early kick off at 12 noon when Manchester Unity Ladies Team will play against Brookvale United Ladies Team. It would be great to see you there for this as Unity are coached by our very own Dan Taylor and they were proud treble winners last season. The emergence and progression of the women’s game is something we hugely support and it will be great to have the opportunity to promote the #HerGameToo movement.

The main event will start circa 3pm and then we will have DJ Kev Williams on hand to finish the day off in style!

We’d like to place on record our thanks to each and every person/organisation that has stepped forward to make a bid, to sponsor, to offer something for the auctions/raffle, to donate food and drink, and everything in between. Without your contributions, the event wouldn’t be what it is. But that’s what makes this club what it is, isn’t it?!

We’d also like to pay a special mention to Avro, to chairman Rob Fuller as well as Lynsey Mellor, Paul Armstrong & Charlie O’Brien for assisting with all our queries and requests. Without them, the day couldn’t go ahead but they do truly see the value in helping us achieve our goal. This is what happens when communities come together. So please put money behind their bar, please try the amazing food at Macie’s and let’s ensure that they have a great day as well.

Tremendous amounts of work have been put in over the last few months from both ourselves and OASF to get this event up and running and we just want to get started now and ensure that you have the best time you, your family and friends possibly can.

Significant progress has been made in the last few weeks and months towards the goal that we have, and we want to see that continue. More events will be announced in due course that will help us grow the 1895 fund and contribute to the Stand Our Ground campaign. We have dedicated, good, invested people on our side because they know that what we are doing, is the best way forward.

This club can be ours again, it can be great again, and after years of putting our faith in other people to make that happen, 2022 has been the year that has made supporters realise that we have to play a bigger part.

You can still purchase tickets online (link below)

but there will also be pay on the day for those that want to make a last minute donation. There will be lots of things on offer in the ground by way of entertainment (bouncy castles, sweet stalls etc) so please bring some cash with you as some areas (including food) will require this. There are also some cash machines conveniently located just outside the ground, but these do have additional fees attached

If you have any queries prior to the day, please let us know via the usual means and if we don’t speak to you before, we’ll hopefully see you on the day!!!

Reclaim The Faith

Adam, Danny, Will & Steve

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