Good Evening Latics Supporters,

We are still angry and upset following the events of yesterday. Yet another home league defeat that sees us rooted to the bottom of the league after the first 4 games of the season, without a single point to our name.

We wanted to address you with our feelings as a group. Despite the application and effort not being good enough so far this season, this is of course not anger and frustration aimed at the Keith and the squad. This is the culmination of the last few years of unacceptable mismanagement off the pitch.

Following the Tranmere game, where fans invaded the pitch in elation at a penalty shootout victory, we saw another pitch invasion at the final whistle yesterday for very different reasons. This was conducted by youthful Oldham supporters who are seeing their club being dragged down to new depths by owners that have proven time and time again that they are not deserving or fit to run Oldham Athletic Football Club.

We have spent a long time trying to tell anyone who will listen, about the direction of travel of this club. We have protested and raised numerous red flags with the authorities. We know what is happening and need to turn this ship around.

It is sad that people feel that these actions need to take place such as pitch invasions are having to be made for people to sit up and take notice and we would like to remind everybody, these actions are being carried out by frustrated, angry supporters who’s sole desire is to have a club to support in many years to come. These are actions from supporters who care deeply about the club. These actions are a “cry for help!”.

The next week is a big one, there is no question about that and we have heard and noted all the suggestions/comments down we have seen on social media about what you want to happen next. Action by supporters will be required for us to maintain focus on the ownership of the club. We have been and will continue to be a vehicle for this. What we ask of you is that you stick together as whatever we do next, it will need strength in numbers behind it to really force the message home. Time is of the essence here and we need to act quickly and decisively.

We saw a very positive note from the ‘new’ OASF on Friday evening and combined with the events of yesterday, it feels as though the tide is turning. We have a meeting with OASF on Monday to look at how we can work together to effect change. We will keep you informed of all developments over the coming days.

Reclaim The Faith