Following the results of the survey being released on 13th March, we have emailed the club to request their comments on the results as well as raising further issues regarding our current situation. The below email has been put out to remain totally transparent, as with all communication with the club;

Dear Natalie/Richard,

You will have no doubt seen and taken keen interest in the most recent survey results that were released on Friday 13th March 2020.

We are contacting you regarding this survey out of common courtesy in the hope that you will engage with fans (not just via small matchday engagement groups) and fully address these issues which are clearly not going away. We are now in a position where we have a starting point to work from in terms of whether we can see signs of progress being made, or not being made, by the club. The attached document (link to survey release on website ) highlights the following areas:


– Where fans who are attending are currently sitting in Boundary Park

– Whether fans would be willing to purchase a season ticket for the 2020/21 season

– If people aren’t willing to purchase a ticket, what would change their minds

– How engaged fans feel with the football club


The purpose of releasing another survey was to see if our perception of the situation has changed amongst the wider fanbase. We have over 700 people complete the survey which equates to circa 20% of fans inside Boundary Park on a matchday and 50% of the people who completed the survey were existing season ticket holders. We feel this is the most comprehensive survey of fans that has ever been done so we feel as though the results are accurate and trustworthy.

Please take the time to digest this information and how you will look to respond to the fanbase, whether that be via ourselves or not. We said you would be judged by your actions and not words, and this rings true even more so now. Fans are walking away from the club, we are over 800 fans down on average at home games and as history proves, this cannot be totally reversed just by results on the pitch. Fans find other things to do with their time on a Saturday and the club loses a dedicated fan forever, when in reality, all this could be avoided.

23% of the current number of season ticket holders would equate to 598 season tickets. If we assume people who are unsure also renew that is a maximum of 1,326 season tickets for next year. This would be unacceptable.

In terms of fan engagement, the scores were as follows both now and from our follow up survey recently completed:

This is the closest thing to a tangible measure to assess the performance of the current regime and as you can see, fans are speaking and not seeing any improvement. PTB are happy to meet up to discuss these results and if required, offer more information that would enable you to try and reverse the downward spiral the club is on, but you have to be open about being ready to change and admit that some of your decisions to date have been poor and very divisive. You may hear things you don’t want to hear, but it would be in the best interest of the football club, which I would expect us all to have as a basis for our decision making at this time. We can make ourselves available for a meeting should you be open to this.

In recent weeks we have seen the news of players/staff being paid late, a winding up petition & the threat of administration looming over us. We have had the court case adjourned and the WUP has been paid along with (we believe) the staff & players and on top of this, the club have agreed a ‘deal in principle’ to purchase the stadium. We are sure you can understand the feeling amongst fans that when one day we are unable to pay staff/players and subsequently, we are making reported bids of over £6m for the entire stadium, there is some nervousness around this. Therefore we have raised the following questions, we believe, are hugely important in offering clarity and transparency to worried fans:

1. Has the police investigation been dropped in relation to the North Stand? We would suggest that making a bid for the stadium would be an admittance that the North Stand, as reported, was transferred to Brassbank due to money owed by the club. Can you provide further detail on this? 

2. Can you categorically state to the fans of this football club, that the money being used to fund the purchase of the stadium, is not and will not be funded by Laurence Bassini, as has been widely reported in the media.

3. What comfort can you give to the ever dwindling fanbase that there is a financial plan in place to take this forward should the purchase of the stadium be completed? We have seen issues arise in recent months and history with other clubs has shown that these issues do not disappear overnight and we would want to assume an even bigger financial burden is not being placed on the club when it doesn’t have the means or expertise to maximise the potential of this stadium (in particular the North Stand)

4. How would you respond to the Trust comments around the fact that information was kept from them in terms of the financial issues that are currently in play?


Just for your reference, this email will be released to the fans so we are being totally transparent in terms of communication. We are sure you appreciate that at this time, fans should be kept in the picture as much as possible given the uncertainty that surrounds the future of the club.