Good Afternoon Latics fans.

Here we are again. It’s an unsurprisingly familiar scenario and feeling today, as we enter a new dawn. From supporting this club, getting a new manager has always been seen as a fresh start, a chance to rebuild and move the club forward. As we wake up and try to process the news from last night, it’s becoming increasingly clear that this doesn’t feel like a fresh start. We’ve been here before and the harsh reality is that it feels like we will be here again.

It goes without saying that as with Dino, the new manager will have our full support in order to try and improve the position we are in. We obviously wish Dino well with whatever happens in the future. The timing of both the sacking AND the appointment are somewhat bizarre given the last few months and while there have been murmurings about the future of the manager, I think it’s safe to say we were all preparing for the new campaign with Dino in charge. Has this been move planned for sometime? Was it a knee jerk reaction? Is this a reaction to poor season ticket sales as was the case with Ronnie Moore? We will do our best to find out on your behalf.

People who want to justify the timing of this decision to sack Dino will do so, as with all the others, but the reality is that our new manager will be our 9th in 2 and a half years, under the current regime. This all has to bring into question the decision making process at the club. We want to make this clear – this doesn’t mean we think Dino was an amazing manager, he did ‘ok’ in his time here. It’s about the way it’s all being handled. Again.

Dino was a man that was courted by the club, he was their choice to take us forward and he lasted 10 months (including a 5 month period of lockdown). We have 6 contracted players (with some players still involved in a wage dispute) who are yet to return to training, a seemingly absent owner and are soon to have a new manager 5 weeks before the start of a new season.

Fan Engagement

Taking a step back here, what is abundantly clear is that something isn’t working. Something isn’t right. We said in October 2019 when we set PTB up that our club is broken, we firmly stand by those words. There’s no cohesion whatsoever between the club, the fans and the town and decisions like this only serve to create an even bigger divide. The continued lack of communication with fans by Abdallah (the owner) shows a complete disregard for the life blood of the club.

We have seen and read everything there is to read on this matter and have repeatedly seen a consistent message from fans that this is where the buck stops. Whether that’s a withdrawal of financial support via not renewing season tickets, people who have supported this club for years are quickly losing interest. Even the mere suggestion of those words seems ridiculous to write.

We don’t want to be guilty of any instinctive reactions as a group and we are reacting to this news at the same time everyone else is, so we will regroup and work out what happens next, what options are open to us and what is within our power at the current time.

We want your thoughts 

If we can ask one thing of you, it’s to tell us how you feel and for you what happens next in your eyes as a supporter. We’ve all slept on it now and may feel the same or we may feel different. Email us, tweet us, DM us, we just want to understand if you’re feeling the same frustration, annoyance or simply have that “Groundhog Day” feeling about this like we do. Your responses will shape our next steps.

We want the best for this club, it’s staff to be treated with respect and decency, for people to think of us as a solid, well-run, professional outfit that goes about their business in the right way. We’re not asking for Champions League football or for multi-million pound signings. We just want our club back. OUR club. A club that packs away stadiums, sings for 90 minutes, has a gallows sense of humour, has new and old friendships across the fanbase and takes absolutely no interest in what is happening in the boardroom. Quite frankly, right now, we are a laughing stock in the footballing community. This is NOT good enough. As supporters we will not stand by and watch our club drop down the leagues.

We will, as we always try to do, respond to you in a timely manner but we are here for you all, so let us know what you’re feeling.

Reclaim The Faith.